Dareu DK100

Dareu DK100

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Category: Gadget
  • 1: All mechanical keys, fast response
  • 2: Independent D mechanical shaft
  • 3: 2mm trigger stroke
  • 4: ABS material key cap
  • 5: DK87 mechanical keyboard

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  • Design 9 / 10
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Dareu DK100 87 Key Backless Mechanical Keyboard

I bought the Dareu DK100 mechanical keyboard from Gearbest in June 2019. Today I want to make a simple review for everyone. No more nonsense, let’s get started!

Reason for purchase

  1. My previous keyboard is broken.
  2. The keyboard I bought before was a film-type keyboard. I saw the people around me using mechanical type, the quality is good, and the keyboard feels good, so I want to change the mechanical keyboard.
  3. I have been looking for a long time in the mall. Most of the mechanics are very expensive, and I am not a game enthusiast. I use more work. In contrast, I chose this expensive Dareu DK100 entry-level mechanical keyboard.


Unpack the box, the keyboard is wrapped with plastic protective paper, and a warranty card is attached.

Remove the plastic paper, it is the keyboard, the black tea shaft 87 keys, the shape is simple and not exaggerated, is my favorite style. Take it in your hand is very heavy, almost 1KG, very mechanical keyboard weight, because it is 87 keys, shorter than the ordinary standard keyboard, less digital input module, but the weight is twice as heavy as the ordinary keyboard the above.

The Dareu DK100 mechanical keyboard does not have any extra sockets or interfaces, so the keyboard is close-up, it looks good! Workmanship is very refined.

The back of the keyboard, side photos. From the side, it is much higher than a normal keyboard, and it feels very good when knocked.

The keyboard stand can be opened or closed with an anti-slip pad to prevent slipping when in use.

Feeling of using

Advantages: You can use it with a USB connection to your computer. Haha, to talk about the keystroke of this keyboard (tea shaft), that’s really, I just want to say, I can’t use the membrane keyboard again, this button feels really cool, the button is quite sensitive, feel this keyboard It is a perfect match with my fingers! … If you haven’t used a mechanical keyboard before, use this again, it’s wonderful! The work of the key surface is very good, the finger feels a light friction, not the slickness of the inferior keyboard, put your hand on the keyboard, the presence of the finger is very strong.

Disadvantages: The digital input module is missing. It is not very convenient to input the number. In addition, when the key is pressed, the sound will be a little more awkward than the membrane keyboard. Moreover, the mechanical keyboard is more difficult to clean, and this keyboard does not have a waterproof function, so the brush needs to be cleaned at regular intervals.


The Dareu DK100 keyboard was purchased for $34.99. At this price, everyone might say that I can buy a good mechanical keyboard? But in terms of cost performance, I think Dareu’s this is worth recommending. It is good to play the game and start the public.


Product Details

Features All mechanical keys, fast response
Independent D mechanical shaft, single key life up to 50 million times, 2mm trigger stroke, 50g trigger pressure, your keyboard durable, 1000 times/second rate of return, real-time rapid response.
ABS material key cap, feel good
DK87 mechanical keyboard USES ABS material key cap, durable radium carving character, can let you have no worries, need not worry about character fall;And has the most ergonomic curved key cap design, to ensure that each row of the key cap has the best feel.
Built-in steel plate, improve the stability of the fuselage
The 1.5mm thick high-density metal panel is professional in both appearance and workmanship, and has the durability and stability required for long game play
Specification Brand: Dareu
Model: DK100
Material: ABS
Type: Keyboard

Bluetooth Version: Not Supported
Cable Length (m): 1.8 m
Connection: Wired
Interface: USB 2.0
Key Number: 87
Keyboard Lifespan ( times): 50 million
Response Speed: 0.2ms
Keyboard Type: Mechanical Keyboard


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