Dibea C17

Dibea C17
Brand: Dibea
Category: Smart Home
  • Feature 1: Lithium-ion battery capacity: 2200mAh
  • Feature 2: Dust tank capacity: 350ml
  • Feature 3: Suction: 7000 Pa or 4000 Pa
  • Feature 4: Power: 120W
  • Feature 5: Lithium-ion battery output voltage: 26.5V
  • Feature 6: Lithium-ion battery input voltage: 22.2V

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  • GearBest.com Dibea C17 2-in-1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner $105.99
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Product Details

  • Features
    - With a rotatable cleaning head, easy to clean closer to walls and edges, under beds, sofas, kickstands
    - Equipped with convenient docking station. It used for charging, storing the machine and holding the additional attachments. So it is always ready
    - Carbon fiber rolling brush, sweep all kinds of dust effectively
    - 2 in 1 handheld and stick, provide two style vacuums in one for cleaning
    - Two speed control, efficient and thorough cleaning in different occasions
    - Suitable for cleaning on hardwood, carpet, tile floors, car, bed, etc.
    - With 2 additional cleaning brush, convenient to clean the tiny slit
    - Cordless design, you can clean everywhere without tangling
    - Ergonomic handle design, easy to lift up
    - Charging time 4 - 5 hours, working time 20 minutes ( high speed ) - 40 minutes ( low speed )
  • Specification
    - Power: 120W
    - Lithium-ion battery output voltage: 26.5V
    - Lithium-ion battery input voltage: 22.2V
    - Lithium-ion battery capacity: 2200mAh
    - Dust tank capacity: 350ml
    - Suction: 7000 Pa or 4000 Pa
    - Power adapter: US plug or EU plug
  • Package content
    1 x Main Machine, 1 x Metal Tube, 1 x Regular Head, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Multipurpose Brush, 1 x Plug Convertor, 1 x English User Manual

    Package weight: 3.2030 kg
    Package size (L x W x H): 69.00 x 15.50 x 20.00 cm / 27.17 x 6.1 x 7.87 inches

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7.8 3.9 1
  • Design 7 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Battery 7 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10

Dibea C17 2-in-1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Today, we will talk about vacuum cleaners and, in particular, we will look at the Dibea brand which although not as well known as other renowned brands, offers some very interesting appliances, such as the Dibea C17, a cordless vacuum cleaner and 2 in 1 that we can turn into a hand vacuum cleaner, but whose best performance, without a doubt, is the price.

The Dibea C17 is a wireless broom vacuum cleaner that has dimensions of 108 x 21 x 23 cm and a weight of 2.3 kg. This appliance can boast, among other characteristics, of having an ultralight design, besides being wireless, and its versatility, because thanks to how easy it is to handle it, we will be able to clean any surface, including the narrowest corners or areas where a Conventional vacuum cleaner we can not reach.

The design of your handle allows us to move easily from one mode to another cleaning. Thus, we can lengthen or dwarf the suction tube depending on the places we want to clean. That is, we can aspire the ceiling with its maximum extension or convert the Dibea C17 into a handy vacuum cleaner for tables, sofas and other furniture and corners.

This vacuum cleaner, in turn, is capable of sucking up as much dust as crumbs, dirt, grit, pebbles, hair (including pets) and even crystals. The built-in HEPA filter will prevent any kind of dirt from escaping, will provide a cooler and cleaner environment and will not let out mites and other allergens that cause allergies that may occur in the home. All of this together with its monotorized head which is capable of cleaning and vacuuming on all types of surfaces, as we have already pointed out. No matter how embedded your pets’ hair is on carpets or sofas, the Dibea C17 will suck them up with no problem. It will also do so with the earth or grit that can stay on the carpet when we return home and on hard floors, it is especially effective with fine dust and other types of dirt that can accumulate both there and in other corners.

Regarding its autonomy, this ultralight vacuum cleaner can clean without interruption for about 40 minutes approximately thanks to its battery. Then, if you want to continue using it, just hang it on the wall or keep it in the closet while it recharges until the next time you have to use it.

And how do you guarantee good results? Well this is due to its 2 rotating cleaning heads that brings additional and that are one of the most outstanding pieces in this vacuum cleaner. The creative design of the Dibea C17 is a 2 in 1 to facilitate the cleaning of floors, furniture and corners without having to stop. The roller brush is carbon fiber, which guarantees optimal hardness and flexibility and has a two-speed control to suck all kinds of dust and dirt without having to worry about cable pulls or tangles due to its wireless nature. And if you have to aspire corners in the ceiling or high areas, you should not worry, since the design of its handle is ergonomic and allows you to lift it easily.

Therefore, and summarizing, the main features of this vacuum cleaner are: A rotating cleaning head that will facilitate the task of cleaning near the walls, on or on the edges, under furniture such as beds, sofas, security supports and narrow corners of our home. It comes equipped, in turn, with a coupling where we can hang the vacuum cleaner and place it on any side of the wall or store it in the cabinet to recharge the battery. In addition, you can also place the accessories you bring with you to always have everything ready. Its rotating brush of carbon fiber guarantees an optimal and effective sweep of the dust and dirt it finds, since it has the flexibility and hardness ideal for carrying out such work.
Do not forget, too, that it is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, that is, a hand and cane, in which you can exchange the two modes while you are cleaning the home so you can work uninterruptedly, at your own pace , taste or according to your needs. To this is added the two speed controls, with which you can guarantee a complete and efficient cleaning, depending on the type of dirt you find or the time you have.

It is a suitable vacuum cleaner to work in different types of surface, ranging from hardwood, carpets and parquet, tiles or even objects such as cars, beds, sofas, furniture, etc. With the additional 2 brushes, you can reach any slot or narrow space and leave it as new without complications.

Wireless, so that you do not interrupt jerks or unnecessary entanglements; ergonomic, so you can use it comfortably and lift it easily and with a charging time of 4 or 5 hours and a work autonomy of 20 minutes at high speed and 40 in low, the Dibea C17 can become a great ally against the dust and dirt from home.

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