Brand: Fiido
Category: Outdoors
  • 1: Motor: 250W
  • 2: Battery: 36V 10.4Ah Li-ion Battery
  • 3: Maximum Speed: 25KM/H
  • 4: Display: LED Display
  • 5: Maximum Range: Up to 80KM


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FIIDO D4s 10.4Ah 36V 250W 20 Inches Folding Electric Bike

Since riding the FIIDO D4s electric bike to and from work, a number of colleagues and passers-by have given high praise: “This little bike is so delicate and beautiful”. For such a compliment, I am very happy from the bottom of my heart. After a period of daily riding, commuting to and from work, the convenience that FIIDO D4s brings is self-evident.

Comparison with traditional e-bikes

Let’s make a simple comparison between FIIDO D4s electric-assisted bikes and traditional electric bikes. The FIIDO D4s is more compact in appearance, more simple in line design, strong fashion attributes, and very much in line with the aesthetics of young people. If young people were asked to choose between these two types of cars, I believe the vast majority would choose the D4s.

Climbing ride

Uphill riding is very common, before that let the older brother, who weighs about 100 kg, ride the FIIDO D4S electric-assisted bike on an uphill incline of about 30°. It went through the motions with ease and without the use of aids. If the uphill road is uneven, then you can also ride in electric power mode, so you can really “do whatever you want”.

Electric power riding mode

If the FIIDO D4S electric bicycle has sufficient power, the road is relatively flat and can be ridden without electric power. In case of forgetting to charge, it is entirely possible to ride in electric power mode to avoid the embarrassment of being “thrown” on the road.

Let’s talk about the feeling in electric power mode: it is very light and has the feeling of “like a tiger with wings”.

If you still plan to ride “fitness”, then you can also ride purely by hand. The large 52-tooth chain disc on which it is mounted can effectively avoid the feeling of being run over when riding on small wheel diameter vehicles.

Off-road electric assisted riding

It is inevitable to encounter some uneven dirt roads, if you ride purely on electric power, such road conditions will accelerate the power loss to a certain extent. From a practical point of view, the FIIDO D4S electric-assisted bicycle can be ridden in electric-assisted mode to extend the riding distance greatly.


About the brake system: traditional electric bikes commonly use drum brakes, FIIDO D4s electric power bikes use dual disc brakes front and rear. Next, compare what are the characteristics of each of the disc brakes and drum brakes?

The brakes are a bit more powerful compared to the disc brakes. Unlike the disc brakes, the drum brakes are closed, so there is no air-cooled cooling effect, and thermal attenuation is more severe.

Disc brakes cost more. Since it is adopted as an open state, the wind brought by the vehicle’s movement can be used during driving to enhance the effect of heat dissipation, and its thermal attenuation is reduced. In addition, the disc brakes are highly sensitive, the shoe blocks have a long life, the brakes are energy efficient and easy to repair.

From a practical riding point of view, since the brakes on electric bicycles are used more frequently, a lot of heat is generated during use, which can seriously affect the braking performance. The disc brakes have good heat dissipation and less heat loss, so they are more suitable for electric cars with high brake frequency.

Some e-bikes, in order to reduce costs, usually use the front disc and rear drum mode, because the brake pressure of the e-bike is mainly concentrated on the front wheel, which naturally uses disc brakes.

The FIIDO D4s use dual front and rear disc brakes, which is a solid material for the manufacturer. With a brake cut-off system and new tires, it’s very responsive to stop whenever you want during the ride.

And one more thing, it’s that the dual disc brakes are really cool! I am very happy with the dual disc brake design on the front and rear of the FIIDO D4s electric assisted bike.

About Charging

Unlike traditional electric bikes, the charging port on this e-bike is a great protection mechanism that helps extend the life of the lithium battery.

Suggestions: usually try to develop the habit of charging less than 20% of the power must be charged, do not wait for the power consumption in charging; charging, try to fill at once; in the case of electric door lock closed charging.

Interior placement

It’s almost impossible for a bulky, bulky traditional electric car to want to fit inside it. Featuring a compact body design, the FIIDO D4s electric-assist bike fits easily inside the car.

We can adjust the D4s status according to the size of the car’s trunk, and in addition to folding the riser, we can also remove the seat. Showcases the portability of this bike.

Sum up

FIIDO D4s Folding Electric Bike gave me the first impression: very good. I rode on the road, which attracted a high turnout and satisfied my small “vanity”.

From the feel of the time spent riding it, it can be summed up as follows: long range, stress-free climbs. The small body design also allows it to be easily placed indoors or in the trunk of a car, which is more suitable for practical use. Of course, it has quite a few features waiting to be tapped.


Product Details

Features 1. 250W wheel motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 80degree gradient.
2. Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for max 80km mileage.
3. 20 inch rubber inflatable wheels for different grounds to take.
4. 18.5kg ultralight weight and quick folding design for convenient carrying in your car trunk.
5. Aluminum alloy shell for max 120kg payload.
6. Professional bicycle ergonomic design make you feel more comfortable when riding.
7. Suitable for adults and teenagers for fun.
8. 3-Level Moped Modes
Specification Electric Bike System:FIIDO System
Model:FIIDO D4s
Type :Foldable Electric Bike
Motor: 250W
Operating Temperature:-10°-50°
Riding Modes: 3-Level Moped Mode
Maximum Speed:25KM/H
Maximum Speed Unlocked:31KM/H
Battery: 36V 10.4Ah Li-ion Battery
Maximum Range:Up to 80KM
Recharge Time:7 hours
Display: LED Display
Chain: KMC Variable Chain
Brake: Double Disc Brakes
Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
Handlebars: Aluminium Alloy
Tire: 20" Inflatable Tires
Pedals Included: Yes
Folded Size: 64cm*85cm


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