Brand: Fiido
Category: Outdoors
  • 1: 500W wheel motor
  • 2: 12.8Ah Li-ion battery
  • 3: 20 inch rubber inflatable wheels
  • 4: 25kg ultralight weight
  • 5: Max 120kg payload
  • 6: 7-speed transmission

FIIDO M1 Pro - Price

FIIDO M1 Pro - Specs

Product Details

  • Features
    1. 500W wheel motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 30degree gradient.
    2. 12.8Ah Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for max 130km mileage.
    3. 20 inch rubber inflatable wheels for different grounds to take.
    4. 25kg ultralight weight and quick folding design for convenient carrying in your car trunk.
    5. Aluminum alloy shell for max 120kg payload.
    6. Professional bicycle ergonomic design make you feel more comfortable when riding.
    7. Suitable for adults and teenagers for fun.
  • Specification
    Electric Bike System: FIIDO System
    Electric Motorcycle: Support
    Power Assist System: 3 gear power boost
    Operating temperature: -10°-50°
    Maximum Speed: Up To 40Km/h
    Gradeability: 30 degree
    Battery: High quality lion battery
    Input voltage: 100-240V
    System voltage: 48V
    Amps: 12.8Ah
    Recharge Time: 7 hours
    Electric Motorcycle Range: Up to 45km-65km
    Maximum Range: Up to 130KM
    Display: LED Display
    Drive Type: Rear Drive
    Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
    Brake Type: Mechanical Disc Brakes
    Chainset: Steel 52 Tooth
    Gears: 7-speed transmission
    Chain: KMC Z7
    Pedals Included: Yes
    Geometry: MTB
    Grips: Rubber
    Handlebars: Aluminium Alloy
    Pedals: Alloy
    Rear Hub: 500W motor
    Rims: Alloy
    Wheel Size: 20"
    Tire Size: 20×4.0 inch
    Tires: CST
    Frame warranty: 1 years
    Net Weight: 25KG
    Gross Weight: 29.5KG
    Saddle height: 80cm - 110cm
    Folded Size: 96cm*45cm*79cm
    Size: 172cm*26cm*106cm
    Pack Size: 145cm*32cm*73cm
    Certification: CE, FCC, MSDS, UN38.3
  • Package content
    1 x FIIDO M1 Electric Bike
    1 x Hexagon Wrench
    1 x Multifunctional Wrench
    1 x Charger

Our Rating

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9.0 4.5 1
  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Connectivity 9 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

FIIDO M1 Pro 12.8Ah 48V 500W 20 Inches Folding Moped Bicycle

You could hardly want something more considering that the M1 Pro of Fiido integrates, for less than $1500, all the features available today for a bike suitable for every terrain and season. Aluminum alloy frame, double shock absorber, front and rear disc brakes, 20×4″ CST tires, seven-speed Shimano gearbox, 500 watt battery and, as anticipated, the possibility to fold it to reduce the overall dimensions to less than one meter and transport it easily.

You will need to assemble some components of the M1 Pro when you get home. Nothing complicated, it will take about ten minutes in total and anyone can do it, even without experience. Essentially you’ll have to: install the saddle, the handlebar and the front wheel. It will not arrive folded on itself, probably because of the width of about half a meter that it reaches in this mode, not ideal for a transport packaging.

The installation of the front wheel only needs to align the fork and insert the hub, tighten it slightly (by hand) and then act on the hook to secure it. The disc brake engages naturally and requires no further attention.

To install the handlebar, simply position it and tighten a couple of screws, while for the saddle, simply insert the tube into the housing and lock it. Finally, align the pedals by turning them 90 degrees and you’re done.

The Shimano gearbox has seven gears, and the front crown has 52 teeth. On the right of the handlebar you will have a lever and a button to change the gear precisely. It is precise, fast and intuitive. Just below the gearbox is the accelerator, a lever that pushes you into full-electric mode and allows you to effortlessly reach the maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Next to the left handlebar is the on-board computer together with the horn and front light buttons, LED. The computer is very basic, with one button you turn on the electric motor of the bike and with a second button you select the pedaling mode: fully electric, assisted pedaling or traditional. A reflector is placed under the saddle, and a stand is on the rear fork.

500 watts of power, the lithium battery recharges in about 7 hours and allows you to travel about 130 km in assisted mode, which becomes about half in fully electric mode.

It folds in a few moves: unlock the hook of the central barrel to fold it in half, lower the saddle (or remove it), also locked by a single hook and fold the pedals. The only element that requires the removal of two Allen screws is the handlebar. If the height is not a problem, you can also do without it and reduce the M1 Pro to a size of about one meter high, one meter wide and half a meter wide.

A different matter is the weight, about 29.5 kg. It will not be a problem to load it in a car or on a train, but do not think you can open and close the bike continuously during the day and transport it too easily.

Let’s get on the saddle, put our foot on the pedal and let’s get strong. You immediately notice that it is not a light bike, a bit for the solid frame and especially for the battery, and a bit also for the wide tires that generate some friction on the road. But after half a pedal stroke you activate the electric motor and in a few meters you are already running at 20 km per hour.

Fat Bikes, especially during the first minutes of riding, give a very special feeling, difficult to describe. At the first turns you will be a little bit afraid and it will be natural to wonder if the noise you hear coming from the tires is to be interpreted as a symptom of safety or loss of grip, and in a few meters you will understand that the driving safety offered by Fat Bikes is higher than any other bike.

On asphalt, sand, rough terrain or even snow, a Fat Bike offers you maximum control, and even the possible skidding in high speed corners are very controllable. Where with a normal bike you would be at risk of falling, a large tire allows you to use much more.

This also applies to the FIIDO M1 Pro, although the tires have a smaller radius than other Fat Bikes. Wheel pressure plays a key role in driving comfort, as they play an active role in cushioning potholes and ground irregularities. There are different schools of thought about how much the wheels need to be inflated, but they usually fall within a value between 0.5 and 1 bar. The M1 has tires that arrive inflated to about 0.5 bar (at least in our case), and considering that we will use it mainly on asphalt and less off-road, we preferred to bring them to 0.8 bar. Also because the front and rear shock absorbers are more than enough to absorb road irregularities.

Pressing the accelerator near the right handlebar activates the electric motor and keeping pressed you will reach 40 km/h. The acceleration is soft, and when you press it the intervention will not be immediate. During the test we have never abused the accelerator, which we could also do without, considering that it is a bicycle and that it is natural to pedal using mainly the assistance of the electric motor. It is also possible to unlock the maximum speed in case you want to use it in situations that escape the road rules (for example on private circuits). Holding down the brake and accelerator at maximum with the bike spent, simply press and hold the power button for five seconds; the display will show what appears to be an error code, but it will indicate the release of the speed limit. This brings the top speed to about 50 km/h in electric, or at least this is the speed we measured in the test.

The FIIDO M1 Pro costs $1499 on Banggood Store, a very interesting price considering all that it offers. Big wheels, long lasting battery, possibility to fold it, ABS, disc brakes, front and rear shock absorber. It is pleasant to drive, even if you want to use it mainly on the road. And the design is among the best of the Fiido models available. If you are looking for an electric bike, you should definitely consider this model.

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