Brand: ILIFE
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Automatic cleaning for home and office
  • 2: Large cleaning area: 150 - 180 square meters
  • 3: 2 in 1 dry and wet cleaning modes
  • 4: Anti-collision system
  • 5: It can better protect the furniture
  • 6: Easy to absorb dust, hair, paper

ILIFE V5S Pro - Specs

Product Details

  • Features
    Automatic cleaning for home and office
    Large cleaning area: 150 - 180 square meters
    2 in 1 dry and wet cleaning modes
    It can meet your different needs, you can choose the dry or wet mop
    Anti-collision system
    It can better protect the furniture
    Intelligent drop avoidance induction
    IR sensors at the bottom detect the high gap, avoid dropping. The robot can avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically by its inductor
    Daily / schedule cleaning plan available
    Set the start time, and make the cleaning schedule at the fixed time even you are not in home
    OBS sensors, 1 set wall sensor, 5 IR receivers on the body
    This robot vacuum cleaner can recognize the barrier and avoid collision
    Timing function
    You can set up time to clean the room
    0.3L water tank capacity design
    Self-help ooze water design, it can continuously work for 120 - 150min
    70mm slim design
    This cleaner can work in the narrow places, it is possible to clean the area under furniture and the corner
    Low noise design
    The noise is less than 50dB, easy to help you solve the noise problem
    850Pa strong suction
    Easy to absorb dust, hair, paper, reduce the pollution of PM2.5
    Three cleaning routes
    Automatic cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning
    Two charging modes
    Automatic charging, manual charging
    Multiple cleaning modes
    Automatic cleaning, border cleaning, spot cleaning, schedule cleaning and mopping
    Suitable for the floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc.
    IR remote control with LCD display for easy operation
    Built-in 4 Li-ion batteries, the working time is longer than before
    The intelligent water tank is controlled by the pump, which can effectively lower the damage caused by the water inflow
    We adopt imported brushless motor, which improves the working efficiency and reduces the operation noise
  • Specification
    Brand: ILIFE
    Cleaner Types: Vacuum Cleaner
    Function: Mopping,Suction,Sweep,Vacuum,Wet and Dry
    Feature: Self Charging
    Remote Control: Yes
    LCD Display: Yes
    Self Recharging: Yes
    Cleaning Area (sq.m.): 150 - 180
    Floor Types: Wood Floor
    Dust Box Capacity: 0.3L
    Suction (pa): 850pa
    Noise (dB): Less than 50dB
    Power (W): 22W
    Voltage(V): 14.4V
    Input Voltage (V): 100 - 240V
    Output Voltage (V) : 19V
    Output Current: 0.6A
    Charging Time: 280min
    Working Time: 120 - 150min
    Frequency (Hz): 50 - 60Hz

    Battery Brand: BYD
    Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery
    Battery Capacity: 2500mAh ( max. 2600mAh )
    Battery Voltage: 14.4V
    Battery Current: 1.5A / 5mA
    Battery Power: 36W

    Product weight: 2.0500 kg
    Package weight: 4.5830 kg
    Product size (L x W x H): 30.00 x 30.00 x 7.00 cm / 11.81 x 11.81 x 2.76 inches
    Package size (L x W x H): 45.00 x 40.00 x 15.00 cm / 17.72 x 15.75 x 5.91 inches
  • Package content
    1 x Vacuum Cleaner
    1 x Filter
    1 x Charging Base
    1 x Remote Controller
    1 x 100 - 240V Adapter
    1 x Brush
    2 x Side Brush
    1 x Mop
    1 x Water Tank
    1 x AAA Battery
    1 x English User Manual
    1 x Dust Storage Box

Our Rating

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8.5 4.3 1
  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Battery 8 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

ILIFE V5S Pro Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

In this article we are going to talk about another model of vacuum cleaner robot of the iLife brand: iLife V5s Pro. The novelty of this robot is that it includes a water tank to use it as a “mop”.

We show you initially a short video so you can see the strengths of this robot vacuum cleaner. After that, the explanation of each of the important points of this article will be easier to understand.


Next, we will describe the different points detailed in the general post of robot vacuum cleaner and each of the fundamental aspects that we must look at when we go to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.


The navigation system that equips the iLife V5s Pro is the one we have defined in our general post as a  semi-random basic . This way of navigating little structured makes it possible that one day enter a room several times and leave another without cleaning, but generally go through all rooms. You may be interested to see the review of the vacuum cleaner iLife V8s as it has an advanced navigation system.

The  iLife V5s Pro has OBS sensors that allow you to recognize obstacles to reduce speed before hitting them. You can not always avoid being hit by obstacles, but in that case, your TPU bumper cushions the contact to protect both the robot vacuum cleaner and the furniture.


The vacuum cleaner iLife V5s Pro has a motor that provides a vacuum pressure of 850 Pascals. This power, superior to the model iLife V3s Pro, collects the dirt in its entirety and the hairs of your pet.



The iLife V5s Pro allows up to 4 different cleaning modes: Automatic, Localized or Spot, Edges and Maximum Power.

  • The Auto mode is the most common mode of operation and will be responsible for cleaning evenly all rooms.
  • The Localized or Spot mode will be the one we use when we want it to focus on a particular area due to an unusual accumulation of dirt. For example, when the earth has fallen from a pot.
  • The mode of cleaning edges handles remove dirt that usually accumulates in the edges or corners.
  • Another way that we can activate is the MAX mode (maximum power) that increases the maximum power in the different modes.


The iLife V5s Pro is a hybrid vacuum cleaner as it can vacuum and “scrub”. To “scrub” we will have to replace your normal vacuum tank and replace it with a specific tank for this task, which we will fill with water. Therefore, you will not be able to vacuum and “scrub” simultaneously. We put scrubbing between quotes because what it really does is pass a wet mop.



Programming allows you to enjoy daily cleaning. As we have said before, the iLife V5s Pro is optimized for homes with pets and in these homes it will be important to ensure a daily cleaning that will be very easy to achieve with the programming option.


Simply set the start time and, every day at that time you have programmed, the robot vacuum cleaner will autonomously operate.

In this way we can quickly and accurately remove the hair of our pets, also minimizing possible respiratory allergies and conditions.


The model iLife V5s Pro has 2 rotating side brushes that are responsible for collecting dirt that accumulates at the edges and corners. They will also help to direct dirt towards the suction inlet.

This model, like the iLife V3s Pro model, does not include a central rotating brush. This aspect is interesting because this reduces maintenance by not having to clean the tangled hairs of our pets on the roller. The lack of this central brush also implies a less efficient result in carpets or carpets.


The only hairs that could become entangled are the very long hairs of pets or humans, since they could get entangled in the lateral brushes. From time to time it is recommended to clean these brushes, which is a really quick and simple task, especially when using the accessory included for that purpose.


Its battery has a capacity of 2600mAh, which provides a duration of up to 120 uninterrupted minutes. In addition, it is a lithium battery, so it guarantees a large number of charge and discharge cycles before it loses part of its capacity.

As we have already explained in other articles or in the general post of robot vacuum cleaner, having a basic navigation system  moves randomly. It can be ideal for floors up to approximately 100㎡. Do you mean that my house of 90㎡ can not do it at once? It will depend on the shape of the house and how easy it is to move around it. In some homes you can just 80㎡; in others you will not have a problem with 120㎡. In any case, it is better to understand that if you have more than 100㎡ you may have to do it twice.

The vacuum cleaner robot iLife V5s Pro will be cleaning until it detects that it has a low battery, at which time it will automatically return to the base to recharge, being always fully charged for a new use.



The model iLife V5s Pro comes equipped with 2 tanks of 0.3 liters each: one tank is to collect the dirt that has been vacuumed and another to store the water that will be used to scrub. Its tanks are completely transparent and conveniently accessed from the top, identical to the model LG VR8602RR Hombot Square Turbo series 9+.

The suction tank is relatively small, so it is recommended to clean it after each use and more if you have pets at home.


It has 2 types of filters : one responsible for the largest dust particles and hair and the other is a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are capable of purifying dust particles and smaller allergens providing the highest quality air. That is why it is ideal for people with allergies. An extra HEPA filter is included.



The iLife V5s Pro has noise values ​​below 55dB, which makes it a particularly silent model.


Its measurements are 30 x 30 x 7 centimeters. It is, without a doubt, one of the designs with less height of the existing ones in the market, reason why it is ideal to go in for the most complicated places.



It does not have WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. It has a remote control that facilitates programming and choosing the working mode, etc.



It does not include any virtual wall. Undoubtedly, the virtual wall provides security when there are stairs, but it should not be a major problem as it equips advanced Edge and Dash-free sensors to avoid straight stairs.


He does not give announcements for “voice” but he does whistle when he wants to tell us something.


The iLife V5s Pro has an energy label of type A+. That is to say, it is a highly efficient team.


The origin of the iLife brand was in its beginnings as a manufacturer for prestigious companies, but in 2010 they decided that the time had come to present themselves to the world with their own name. Currently, vacuum robots are its main line of business and its foray into the market has been unstoppable thanks to being the first to offer products of relative quality at half the price of its main “non-Chinese” competitors.


We personally like the iLife brand more than other Chinese products that manufacture the same model for several manufacturers, such as Conga in Spain, since they take care of the complete process: that is, design, manufacture and distribution and this gives a certain guarantee.

In addition, and thing for us to value, iLife is its own brand, and they are very concerned that their image is not damaged by problems in their products, which does not happen for example with those factories that “hide” behind other manufacturers where the repercussions of their failures do not directly affect them, which is demonstrated by facts that are products of lower quality and reliability.

We value that it has a greater capacity of suction and in this we have no doubt that it is better than his little brother iLife V3s Pro.

Knowing that your drip system has been awarded the IFA 2017 innovation prize, for us the wet mop option does not offer 100% satisfactory results and must be improved.

That is why although it does not have an “orderly” navigation system and that its deposit is small, the price-quality ratio for those who look for a vacuum cleaner robot with the mopa option can be more than interesting and we personally we recommend over the Conga models. So after assessing their pros and cons, our valuation is 9.5.

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