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  • 1: Single wheel unicycle
  • 2: light for warning people
  • 3: 800W motor
  • 4: 474WH 6.4Ah Li-ion battery
  • 5: 16 inch rubber inflatable tire

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INMOTION V8 Outdoor Electric Balance Unicycle

The new model of the Electric Balance Unicycle is distinguished by a large number of features and built-in functions than its predecessors. It is suitable for professional riders, and for those who first stand on the steps. What are the features of inmotion V8?

True, because of the glossy surface, fingerprints remain often. But outwardly the Electric Balance Unicycle looks very stylish, streamlined.


The model in this regard is not very different from its predecessor. But it is at first glance. If you look closely, there are useful elements, some of the existing ones have been refined.

On the carrying handle, on the inside, a very useful sleep button appeared. It is automatically pressed when the gadget is taken in hand. Due to this, the gyroscope does not lose its orientation after being lifted into the air, when you need to move the wheel through a curb or other obstacle. On the other hand, when a novice is traveling using a belt, this button must be forcibly turned off, otherwise accidental pressing is fraught with falls and injuries.


On the handle there is a large power button, mechanical and rubberized. Immediately below it, the charge indicator is lit, and you do not need to look into the application each time to find out when to send a device to be fed from the network.

Behind there is a special port for charging, covered with a rubber grip. It reliably protects against dust and ingress of moisture, but it also opens and closes easily.

The Inmotion V8 Electric Balance Unicycle is also designed for driving in the dark. For this, the model has a built-in headlamp in the front, by the way, quite powerful. It is activated by long pressing the start button. Automatically along with it turns on and a small rear clearance, which glows red. In addition, as a light-reflecting elements are two red stripes on the body. The latter, if desired, can always be replaced by similar other colors.

The gadget has a side light. It appears when you turn on the device. On each side are six rows of LEDs (3 on the right and left). They shimmer in different colors. The backlight is controlled through its own application of monocolice. There, the owner can set the backlight time, the intensity, the sequence of switching on the lamps, the color scheme, or completely turn it off. In principle, you can disable it on the device itself, by lifting it up and on, and holding the start button for 2 seconds.

The speaker present in the gadget, however, is not suitable for listening to audio. Its main function is warning in various situations.

The new model has more solid sidewalls, which are supported when rider’s legs are riding. Perhaps for beginners this will initially add discomfort. Reduce it can be special soft lining, which are included in the package.

The increase in sidewalls is due to two factors:

  1. An increase in the battery, which now allows you to drive 50 km from a single charge;
  2. In one of the sides there is a telescopic retractable handle, thanks to which you can comfortably roll the wheel behind you. It does not need to be purchased separately, and this is a huge plus. In order to remove the handle from the case, you need to press a special button. It will slightly raise the handle, which is then easy to pull out.

Pedals. In this model, they are raised 15 cm above the ground. And this indicator is more than the average (11-12 cm). This arrangement protects against contact with the road when cornering and when bending. On the pedals themselves dense coating, very similar to emery, for a tight grip with the sole. And a small rubber insert in the form of a brand logo protects the case from scratches when lifting the steps. By the way, the mechanism is very smooth, it is easy to close the steps, even with one foot.


More complete control can be obtained through a special application. It is foriOS, and for Android. For the first synchronization, the smartphone must be connected to the network. After registration in the system, the user will be required to enter a code (with initial data, this is usually six zeros).


What information does the user have access to:

  • Internal temperature of the gadget;
  • Total mileage;
  • Last run;
  • Rate indicator.

At the bottom there are 4 buttons: connecting / disconnecting to the wheel, turning on / off the device itself and the backlight, features. For the latter hides a number of interesting indicators and settings:

  • System sounds (replacement, volume, mute);
  • Backlight (options, full off or on);
  • Routes covered;
  • Setting the maximum angle of inclination;
  • Maximum speed adjustment;
  • Change Password;
  • Firmware update.


In general, we can safely say that the gadget was very functional and pleasant to the eye. But it should be noted, and several of its drawbacks: plastic solid sidewall, a rather high weight and price.

On the other hand, the INMOTION V8 Electric Balance Unicycle has become much more convenient, it has a whole list of built-in functions and features that outweigh all the disadvantages.


Product Details

Features ●Single wheel unicycle for the new future of balance scooter
●The light for warning people and cars at night
● The 800W motor provides the max 30km/h speed and max 25 degree gradient
● 474WH 6.4Ah Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for 45 - 50km mileage and 4.5 hours charging time
●16 inch rubber inflatable tire for different grounds
● Aluminum alloy frame for max 120kg payload
● Suitable for the adult and teenagers play in the wide road, grassland, slope, etc.
● Input voltage: 100 - 220V
Specification Type: Unicycle

Speed: 30km/h
Tire Diameter: 16 inches

Product weight: 13.5000 kg
Package weight: 17.0000 kg
Package size: 55.50 x 27.00 x 59.00 cm / 21.85 x 10.63 x 23.23 inches


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