Longer Laser B1 30W

Longer Laser B1 30W

Brand: Other
Category: 3D Printer
  • 1: 36,000 mm/min high speed
  • 2: Smart Air-Assist System
  • 3: 8 major safety protection
  • 4: XY axis limit switch
  • 5: Sturdy Metal Frame


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Longer Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver

Longer has just released two new laser engravers, the Longer Laser B1 20W and B1 30W. In this guide, we will walk you through the impressive capabilities of the 30W laser head and explain why we believe laser engraving enthusiasts on a budget should seize the opportunity to acquire this unit as soon as possible. I mean, at less than $1000, this is the best budget laser engraver available this year.

The Longer Laser B1 30W is a powerful and versatile laser engraving machine that offers exceptional performance and precision. It is equipped with a six-core diode laser that can cut through 25mm of wood, 50mm black acrylic, or even 0.1 mm stainless steel.

The highly concentrated beam benefits from the longer 50mm focal length, delivering perfect precision engraving. It also features an air-cooling system to prevent overheating and prolong the lifespan of the laser, as well as intuitive software for precise control of the engraving process.

Despite its impressive capabilities, the LONGER Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver is designed with safety in mind, featuring an emergency stop button for quick and easy stopping of the engraving process if necessary.

The Laser B1 30W boasts a working area of 450*440 mm, an increase of 23.75% compared to its counterparts, making it ideal for A3 panels. It can cut or engrave over 1000 different materials, such as wood, steel, leather, acrylic, cloth, and more.

The new 32-bit motherboard guarantees engraving speed up to 36.000mm/min and the TMC2009 silent drivers will let you work in peace and quiet on more than 1000+ supported materials. LONGER Laser B1 comes with a sturdy metal frame, focus positioning bar, XY-axis limit switches and eight major safety protections for your convenience. It is also compatibvle various mature carving softwares like LaserGRBL or Lightburn and offer multiple transfer options.


Despite its impressive capabilities, the Longer Laser B1 30W is designed with safety in mind, featuring an emergency stop button for quick and easy stopping of the engraving process if necessary. The Laser B1 incorporates eight major safety features including Move, Flame, Offline, Motionless, Security Lock, Eye Protection, Emergency Stop, Zero Reset.


The Longer Laser B1 30W is a top-notch flagship model with excellent all-round performance, especially in cutting speed and power. It has sufficient safety features to ensure safe operation and is ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly A3 panels.

Pricing and Availability

All in all we are without a doubt dealing with a very advanced and feature-rich model. The pre-order pricing of LONGER Laser B1 is also set only to $999.99 on the official website. Which is quite a price slash compared to the $1399.99 retail level. So make sure to grab one in time, because it is certainly worth it.


Product Details

Features - 33-36W Output & 6-Core Laser Head
- 450 x 440mm engraving area, ideal for A3 panels
- Maximum engraving speed up to 36,000 mm/min
- 32-bit chipset
- Air-Assist system automatically controlled by lightburn
- 8 safety measures
Specification Working Area: 450x440mm
Power Max Consumption: 180W
Focus Type: 50mm Fixed Focus
Laser Class: FDA Class IV, or Class 4 IEC standard
Operating Temperature: -20 – 50℃
Laser Module Model: Laser B1 30W
Laser Technology: Double Diode Laser with FAC
Wavelength: 450 - 460 nm
Max Power Input: DC 24V 4.5 A
Optical Power Output: 33-36W
Dot Size at Optimal Focus: 0.08 x 0.1mm


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