Ninebot Max Electric Scooter

Ninebot Max Electric Scooter

Brand: Ninebot
Category: Outdoors
  • 1: Water-proof: IPX7
  • 2: Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • 3: Rate power: 350W
  • 4: Battery capacity: 15300mAh
  • 5: Range of 65km/40miles

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Ninebot KickScooter Max

As the title says, Ninebot is set to launch the KickScooter Max model in the next period. He made his appearance in the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, and we already have information on the technical specifications, less price details, which will appear next Tuesday.

The Ninebot Max is an electric KickScooter that promises to bring the best from Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro. They say it would be a combination of M365 and Ninebot ES4 (ES2 with external battery), but I personally did not see too many things to think about the Ninebot portfolio. Going beyond this, the design is clearly borrowed from the M365, with small changes. I would have told him M365 Extreme Edition.

Unlike previous models, it has the engine located in the rear wheel. It is an engine with a rated power of 350W or 700W maximum, which manages to climb a slope with a degree of tilt of up to 15 degrees. It seems strange to me that they chose the engine to be placed in the rear wheel and the brake on the front wheel, but I suspect they thought about it. Note that the brake is now on the disk and not the electrical. The wheels are 10 inches (larger than the M365), also with the camera, to better dampen the asphalt bumps and holes.

Complies with the IPX7 standard and this means that it resists splashing water and most likely also light rain. Ninebot Max integrates a 15300mAh battery, which, with just one load, manages to deliver up to 65 kilometers of autonomy, at least as the manufacturer claims. A full charge takes 6 hours. The maximum speed it can reach is 25Km/h.

In reality, autonomy varies depending on the user’s weight, weather and road conditions. With a large battery and 10 inch diameter wheels, its weight was expected to increase, so Ninebot Max weighs no more than 19 kilograms. With 7 kilograms more than M365 and 5 kilograms more than M365 Pro.

It should be noted that it carries a maximum weight of up to 120 kilograms, ie 20 kilograms more than the Xiaomi or Ninebot models. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Ninebot Max seems to be a M365 Pro on steroids, because many of the items present in the M365 Pro are here, starting from the display to the light and stop. The screen on the handlebars is identical to the one we find at the M365 Pro. It displays information on speed, usage (ECO, Normal and Sport) and battery capacity.

For now, this is all the information you can provide about Ninebot Max. The price will be announced next week in the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, and I think it will cost at least $600 – given Ninebot’s overall prices. At first glance I can only say that I really like it. What do you think, can you be considered a serious competitor for the Xiaomi M365 Pro?


Product Details

Features Net weight is 42 lbs.
Rate power: 350W
Max power: 700W
Battery capacity: 15300mAh
Water-proof class of battery and controller: IPX7
Range of 65km/40miles.
Up to climbing angle of 15 degrees.
Specification Brand: Ninebot
Model: Max KickScooter
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Fit For: Adults,Office Workers,Teenagers
Charger type: EU plug
Wheel Number: 2 Wheel
Seat Type: without Seat
Folding: Yes
Folding Type: Folding

Battery: Li-ion Battery
Maximum Mileage: 45km
Maximum Speed: 25km/h
Max Payload: 100kg
Battery Rate: 474W
Battery Capacity: 12.8Ah
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
Charging Time: 8-9 hours


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    Ninebot Max

    I've had the Ninebot Max for a week now and I've been using it daily (16miles) commute.
    Here are the not so great! the ninebot has a little lack of speed, Maximum speed I got is 18mls down hill or up hill doesn't matter. I believe 20 mls per is a good number in my opinion…
    Also I noticed after riding the scooter for 10miles or so, the maximum speed goes down to 15/16 not sure why it's doing that, i'm sure this could be resolve with a software update.
    other than that the scooter has a solid built quality and only time will tell.
    So far I'm happy with my purchase!
    I hope this help.

  2. Jason

    Ninebot Max

    After riding about 34km per day, I'd agree that the speed limit is annoying on long rides. In metric, scooter maximum speed is 24km/h and max of 30 going down steep hill.

    I am regularly getting overtaken by other scooters. Other than that, I am very happy and haven't noticed any speed decrease, although I try to not go below 50% battery charge.

    I can't wait for a firmware update to come out to remove speed limitation

  3. aadii


    Stephane you should change the drive mode by pressing on off button twice you must be using ecco mode which wont allows you above 18kmph I'm using it on S mode and it goes 30kmph

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