QiCYCLE-EF1 Smart Bicycle

QiCYCLE-EF1 Smart Bicycle

Brand: QiCycle
Category: Outdoors
  • 1: Panasonic 18650 lithium battery
  • 2: Aluminum folding frame
  • 3: Three switch modes
  • 4: 5800 mAh / 208.8Wh
  • 5: About 3 hours

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Original Xiaomi QiCYCLE-EF1 Smart Bicycle

The torque sensor helps to make the journey around the city easy and enjoyable.

  • Mileage is 45 km. Panasonic 18650 lithium battery
  • The gauge of a twisting moment. The perfect combination of human and electrical energy
  • Verification of travel data. Speed, distance, dynamic power, calorie consumption
  • Portable folding design. Bicycle assembly on one axis

The gauge of twisting moment

Feel the effect of increasing the motor

The QiCYCLE – EF1 Smart Bicycle is equipped with TMM pressure sensors, which determine the force of the user’s efforts, after which the system can automatically control the size of the electric power supply. Travel around the city easily and fun.

An unprecedented experience of joyful cycling

Torque sensors determine the force of pressing the pedal. In accordance with the efforts of the cyclist, electricity is supplied, so your trip becomes more pleasant and exciting.

  • The MC (Motor Controller) determines which power supply is needed to double the speed of the pedals
  • Rear wheel pressure sensors determine the force of depressing the pedal
  • Electric motor
  • The torque sensor transmits information data to the MC (motor controller)

High-speed brushless bicycle motor with a power of 250W

Compared to a conventional engine, a high-speed brushless motor with a power of 250W is characterized by a low magnetic resistance, which allows rapid development of speed, the weight of the vehicle becomes smaller, and the user easily manages the lifts.

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

On-board computer

The onboard computer allows not only to easily and quickly switch four power supply transmissions, but also in real time monitors the following data: dynamic power, speed, distance, wasted calories, etc. All your data can be synchronized with your mobile phone and saved in the cloud, so that you can quickly and easily check or analyze travel data at any convenient time.

  • Controlling the gain mode
  • Monitoring of data
  • Monitoring the condition of the bicycle
  • Data History

Four gain modes

QiCycle bike has a built-in automatic transmission with four speed modes for efficient and easy vehicle control. Each transmission provides a certain gain. Switch gears according to your needs.

* biker foot pressure on the pedal 60W

  • Fitness mode. There is no gain. A cyclist makes the same effort as an ordinary bike.
  • Economical mode. Man’s efforts are increased by 50% due to the strengthening of the electric motor. Low power consumption, overcoming a longer distance.
  • Balanced mode. Man’s efforts are increased by 100% due to the strengthening of the electric motor. The force of man’s pressure is equivalent to the strengthening of the electric motor.
  • Reinforced mode. Man’s efforts are increased by 150% due to the increase of the electric motor. Suitable for uphill or for fast driving.

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

Continuous monitoring of data

QiCycle bike has a built-in data monitoring system. Check the current bike speed, distance, power, calories and other data spent on the on-board bike computer. Improve yourself every day.

  • 10.5km battery charge
  • Incineration 120kcal
  • Speed ​​21km/h
  • Power 89W
  • The total mileage is 816km

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

Smart application, synchronization with the phone

A unique Smart application can read information from the bike’s on-board computer, synchronize it with the cloud, so that later on you can view the data that interests you at any time and in any place. Check the state of the vehicle with a single click of the button in the application. Also use the navigation on your smartphone to enjoy the quick and easy journey.

  • Monitoring of data
  • Data History
  • Vehicle condition
  • Navigator

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

Lithium battery will help to drive 45km

The QiCycle bike is equipped with a Panasonic 18650 large capacity battery (like the Tesla battery), which allows you to cover a distance of 45km. The battery is placed in a frame and has a retractable structure, so it can be replaced and recharged separately from the bicycle.

* These data were obtained under the following conditions: load on the bike 75 kg, uniform speed 20 km/h, trip on a flat city road.

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

Shimano three-speed gearbox

QiCYCLE – EF1 Smart Bicycle is equipped with a gearbox from the Japanese company Shimano, which has three modes of travel speed control: “light”, “standard” and “fast”. In combination with the electric motor your train will be pleasant and easy. But even if you do not resort to the help of strengthening the electric motor, your trip will be no less easy and fun.

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

Convenient folding bicycle

A bicycle is one of the best methods of a wonderful holiday in the city. At a time when everyone is in a traffic jam, you will quickly and easily move forward without losing time. QiCycle bike has a very simple and lightweight folding design that distinguishes it from other folding bicycles with insufficiently safe design.

* The above data may differ from the actual data as a result of using the vehicle in several other conditions.

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

A bike weighing only 14.5kg

The frame of the bicycle, in which a powerful battery is placed, is made from an aluminum alloy. Even with a large capacity battery and a brush-less motor, the weight of the QiCycle bike barely reaches 14.5kg. The bike has an unusual design of single front and rear forks. The front seamless fork gives stability to the frame during driving, which makes it easier to drive the vehicle.

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle

QiCYCLE - EF1 Smart Bicycle


Product Details

Features - This bike is powered by 18650 lithium-ion battery pack with the total capacity of 208.8Wh, which means the cycling distance can be up to 45km at the condition of 100pct electric power.
- The smart folding bike comes with a trip computer, so you can directly view the mileage, speed, power and other data without a mobile phone, and the built-in space can store 30 days of riding data, moreover, these data can be exported at any time.
- The bicycle is equipped with three-mode derailleur, which makes it effortless to ride even without power.
- Equipped with TMM torque sensor and professional electric boosting system, the smart bike can automatically sense your tread power, and output the appropriate electrical power to assist cycling.
- Longitudinal folding design, easy to operate and no harm to the bike frame.
- Aluminum alloy frame, lightweight and exquisite.
- The max loading: 100kg
Specification Specification:
- Unfolded size: 1247mm x 556mm x 928mm
- Folded size: 1000mm x 450mm x 650mm
- Frame: aluminum alloy
- Front fork: aluminum alloy
- Crankset: aluminum, 52T x 170mm
- Seat tube: aluminum, 33.9 x 580mm
- Hub: three-mode derailleur
- Weight: 14.5kg
- Wheel size: 16 inches
- Wheel rim: 1250mm

- Rated power: 250W
- Rated torque: 7.3N.m
- Maximum speed: 20km/h

- Type: 18650 lithium-ion battery
- Working distance: about 45km
- Capacity: 5800mAh / 208.8Wh
- Charging time: about 3 hours
- Limited charging voltage: 42V

- Braking methods: caliper brake for front wheel, IM31 roller brake for rear wheel
- Braking distance: not more than 4m in dry state, not more than 15m ( speed of 20km/h ) in wet state

Control Dial:
- Screen: 1.8 inch, 160 x 128 TFT
- Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, effective range of 15 - 30 meters

Brand: Xiaomi
Type: Folding Bicycle
Wheel Size: 16 inches
Frame material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Black,White

Product weight: 14.5000 kg
Package weight: 20.5300 kg
Package size: 132.50 x 26.50 x 66.50 cm / 52.17 x 10.43 x 26.18 inches


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