QIDI® X-Plus

QIDI® X-Plus

Brand: Other
Category: 3D Printer
  • 1:  Printing Accuracy: 0.05-0.2mm
  • 2: Print Speed: 30-150mm/s
  • 3:  Printing Size: 270x200x200mm
  • 4: Nozzle: 0.4mm
  • 5: Software: Qidi Print/Cura/Simplify3D

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  • Design 8 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Connectivity 9 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

QIDI® X-Plus Large Size Pre-installed Industrial Grade FDM 3D Printer

The X-Plus was first known by the manufacturer QIDI TECH due to its awards in the field of design. In addition, the 3D printer, which is equipped with a closed installation space, also has some other, very interesting features, such as its two different extruders and thus the possibility of processing a large number of different filaments, such as nylo and carbon fiber, but also flexible filaments. Also interesting is its possibility to mount the filament spool in two different areas. These features make the QIDI TECH X-Plus the ideal 3D printer in schools, educational institutions, maker spaces, libraries and in family living rooms.

The QIDI TECH X-Plus was originally developed for semi-professional users, but is also becoming increasingly popular with beginners. This model is a 3D printer that works with FDM technology and is delivered fully assembled. It can be used immediately after unpacking, removing the transport locks, leveling and inserting the filament. The X-Plus also comes with some impressive features, as you will quickly find out by reading this review.

The first novelty is that the X-Plus also includes a second direct extruder. With one, conventional filaments such as ABS, PLA etc. can be printed at a nozzle temperature of up to 250 degrees. The nozzle of the second extruder withstands temperatures of up to 300 degrees and thus enables the processing of nylon, PC and other flexible filaments. The filament spool can be used on the outside of the device on a holder as well as in the installation space of the 3D printer. For this purpose, the sides, the door and the hood of the device can be removed.

Speaking of installation space: The QIDI TECH X-Plus 3D printer has a maximum installation volume of 270 x 200 x 200 mm. If you print with the installation space closed, the volume should not exceed 40 decibels according to the manufacturer. After completion of the object, the pressure plate can be easily removed from the installation space, has two different surface coatings and is bendable. This makes it easier to remove the finished object after cooling. You should know in advance that the Qidi Tech X-Plus is by no means one of the lightweights. It weighs 23 kg and should therefore be placed on a stable table, shelf or small closet.


Product Details

Features 1.  The QIDI TECH X-plus combines all the features you want in a 3D printer like quiet printing, air purification, Wi-Fi connection, one-button quick leveling, break point printing,etc.
2. It can print advanced material such as Nylon, Carbon Fiber, PC and be compatible with any brands of 1.75mm filament.
3. The QIDI TECH X-Plus 3D printer features an efficient, modern design that will look great in your home or office, which makes bringing 3D printing into your workflow easy.
4. 3D Printing is applied to rapid prototyping, architectural scale models & maquettes, 3D printed prosthetics and movie props, etc.
5. QIDI TECH is suitable for education institutions for hands-on, project-based learning,designers,tinkerers, hobbyists & home users, advanced 3D users in industry, engineering and product development. Which brings tremendous contributions to the development of modern society.
Specification  Printing Size: 270x200x200mm
 Printing Accuracy: 0.05-0.2mm
 Print Speed: 30-150mm/s
 Extruder Temp: 300°C
 Voltage: 110-220V
 Nozzle: 0.4mm
 Software: Qidi Print/ Cura/ Simplify3D
 Connections: WIFI/ LAN/ USB Drive
 Material: Carbon Fiber, Nylon, PETG, TPU, PC, ABS, PLA...


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