SPECTRA X Electric Skateboard

SPECTRA X Electric Skateboard

Brand: Other
Category: Outdoors
  • 1: Easy-Swappable Battery
  • 2: Dual Hub-motors
  • 3: Up to 25% Incline
  • 4: 3D posture Control
  • 5: IP66 Water resistant


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SPECTRA X Electric Skateboard With Remote Control Swappable

The Spectra X is a model of its kind, a skateboard with a host of functions born from previous tests by the brand Walnutt which markets it. The machine is distributed in the US with a limited version at 30 km/h prohibited from traveling with us but it also exists in a French version, stored in France by Gearbest, which limits it to 25 km/h and compatible with our laws.

To tell the truth when the page of this Spectra X appeared on Gearbest, I just insisted that the brand stock the product with us with a version compatible with the prerequisites of French law, namely a speed maximum speed of 25 km/h. Gearbest played the game and decided to store the device in its French warehouse. It becomes an electric skateboard sold at an attractive price, with a lot of advantages and adapted to our highway code.

The big highlight of this Spectra X skateboard is the possibility of removing the battery to exchange it with another. Go from 20 km of basic autonomy to double by carrying a second battery with you. The module weighing only 560 grams, one can imagine without much worry keep one warm in his backpack while riding with his skateboard. Note that recharging this battery is quick since it only takes 60 minutes to get it afloat. What makes that one can also function with only one battery for a daily displacement by keeping the charger in its bag. Consisting of 18650 modules signed by Samsung, this battery displays 2500 mAh in total, which makes it compatible with all modes of transport. She can even accompany you by plane. By default, the Spectra X comes with a single battery that can be recharged directly, regardless of the skateboard. It is therefore possible to move only the small module and leave the board in the garage. A big advantage for some and a key point for all those who store this type of device in an unheated room. Batteries do not particularly like exposure to cold.

The other point is the quality of the product in general since it is a solution with double motor of 250 watts with a fairly high power. The US version can climb to 30 km/h and if the French version is limited to 25, it keeps the same robustness in the ribs. Walnutt indicates the possibility of climbing climbs to 25%. Difficult to know if this will be true in all conditions, it concerns among other things your weight. The board accepts up to 100 Kilos but we suspect that its performance will not be the same with a driver of 60 Kilos or another of 100 Kilos…

The Spectra X is delivered with a classic remote control allowing to move forward or backward, with 3 speed modes: a comfort mode limited to 15 km/h which will offer accelerations and progressive braking. A more nervous sport mode at start-up and acceleration of up to 20 km/h and a “race” mode limited to 25 km/h but even more brutal in acceleration and braking. The board can also be controlled by positioning it only: by pressing forward on the skateboard, it will gain speed. By resting on the back leg, it will brake and then reverse. This kind of maneuver is less precise than a remote control but can be nice in leisure mode. However, not to be recommended in urban travel mode.

The entire skateboard is water resistant with an IP66 rating. This means that it will be possible to drive on a wet road but that it will be necessary to avoid passing through puddles, as with any machine of this type. It is not good for them. The magnesium body of the chassis is robust, it protects all the electronic part of the machine. The board itself is a mixture of ABS and fiberglass to try to maintain flexibility. Which seems difficult to me given the presence of the magnesium body under the board. Even if the wheels will absorb part of the terrain, I doubt the comfort offered to drive on a paved or too bumpy road.

The board measures 69.8 cm long by 31.2 cm wide and 15.8 cm high. It is compact enough for a good grip not too bulky. The weight of the machine is still 7.5 Kg which will feel pretty quickly at arm’s length. Specialized backpacks exist to easily transport this type of machine without suffering too much from having it under your arm.

Finally, Walnutt itself updates its skates and the Spectra X will be updated via the Walnutt Go app available on iOS and Android . As you can imagine, I ordered a board this morning for testing. It’s not the best time to have fun with a skateboard in view of the soaked ground covered with dead leaves, but I couldn’t resist.


Product Details

Features "Unlimited" Maxium Range
Easy-Swappable Battery
Dual Hub-motors
Up to 25% Incline

IP66 Water resistant
Multiple urban road conditions
Build to last
GPS tracking
Specification Wheel Number: 4 Wheel
Output Voltage: 19.6-29.4V
Working Temperature: -20~60°C
Maximum Mileage: 20km
Remote Controller: yes
Model Number: SPECTRA X
Seat Type: without Seat
Battery Voltage: 24v
Charger type: US Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug, AU Plug, Chinese Plug
Material: Magnesium Alloy, Abs, Carbon Fiber
Battery Capacity: 63Wh
Max Payload: 100kg
Charging Time: 60 Minutes
Maximum Speed: 30km/h
Battery Rate: 0-500W

Output Current: 0-20A
Package size: 81*19*40 cm
Type: Skateboard
Battery: 18650, 63Wh
Permissible Gradient (depends on your weight): 21-25 degree
Motor Rated Power: 250W x 2
Battery Brand: Samsung
Package weight: 11.33kg


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