Tronsmart T6 Max

Tronsmart T6 Max

Brand: Other
Category: Gadget
  • 1: bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • 2: S/N ratio: - 65dB
  • 3: Standby: About 3 months
  • 4: Battery Capacity: 12000 mAh
  • 5: Frequency: 40Hz - 20KHz

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Tronsmart T6 Max 60W Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Tronsmart Element T6 Max is a wireless, portable manufacturer’s speaker, which some time ago was very confusing on our pages: the Spunky Beat test showed that you can reconcile a good wireless sound with a low price.

Sonos is a class in its own right: intelligent speakers that are a pattern in their niche. However, due to its price (even though it is clearly falling, you have to pay over 600 PLN for them anyway), it remains out of interest for a large group of recipients, for whom Chinese producers fought in an instant.

Of course, the vast majority of their solutions have so much in common with an intelligent loudspeaker as Polish cabarets with sincere laughter, but looking through the prism of costs we can forgive them.

An interesting example of a device that will fit into a gap in the market for powerful portable speakers, which will also work in stationary use, will be the protagonist of this test.

The T6 Max does not provide support for advanced codecs, but at first glance it overwhelms with power and time. Believe me, 20 hours at 50% on the volume scale is a lot – especially when you consider that half the power is already at a level that interferes with conversation and forces us to dance.

Charging time gives hope for a long battery life and is more like charging time for a cordless vacuum cleaner than for a smartphone accessory.

The Tronsmart Element is a superbly crafted speaker – especially for its price class. After taking the device out of the packaging (which protects the contents properly), it surprises with its weight (almost 2 kg) – all the more so as the top of the cylinder is clearly heavier than the bottom.

The bottom of the device is finished with thick rubber, which ensures stable adhesion to the ground – as a curiosity I will add that the rubberized base gets warm after about an hour of playing.

With relatively small dimensions, not much bigger than the tiny Sonos One 2 gen. (Sonos: 161.45 H x 119.7 W x 119.7 D mm, T6: 193 H x 140 W x 140 D), the T6tka offers more power and more built-in speakers.

Unlike many Chinese touch-operated devices, the T6 Max has a hard time putting on something: it lights up instantly when touch is detected, does not cut and reacts smoothly. The 30-second backlighting is quite sufficient, and because the LEDs are placed directly under the pictograms that denote the individual functions, it doesn’t strike you at night.

While the tactile functions work wonderfully, making voice calls through this device can be frustrating. Unfortunately, although the loudspeakers transmit the voice of the caller very well, the microphone is inefficient and if we move the loudspeaker more than a meter away from each other, we have to raise our voice so that the recipient can hear us.

Likewise, when using a Google assistant, we need to place the T6 Max less than 1 m away from each other in order for it to recognize speech efficiently. And now the most interesting news about voice assistants – of course, Tronsmart, as a Wi-Fi-free device, doesn’t have it implemented, but it’s only an intermediary between the phone and us.

In short, without the activated assistant in the smartphone, the loudspeaker is not able to provide us with it autonomously. Looking for a speaker to manage your smart home? Keep looking.

In the promotional materials of this speaker we will find information: “has twice as much power as your TV – the neighbors will love you.” There’s something to it, because not only does the T6 have a powerful bass, but also when placed on a surface like a table or a shelf it can resonate with the whole furniture…

While this may be a salutary effect for a rebellious teenager expressing anger at the existence of the whole world, it will be a big problem for an ordinary listener. Unless we buy audiophile, anti-resonant feet for several times the value of Tronsmart.

To be more serious, the first slightly louder listening to the loudspeaker is stunning – I had the impression that I got my little portable HAARP switch as a gift, which could cause a local earthquake. For the sake of clarity: a 20 kg T6 table vibrates at just 3 of the 8 volume settings!

The misfortune of this situation is that the greater the resonance of the base on which we placed the speaker, the worse the sound – and I don’t think it’s about not being able to place this device on a desk or a bookcase…

Tronsmart presents the kind of sound that fans of strong, electronic beat dream of – the bass is almost physically perceptible, and the songs of bands like Little Big can stimulate air to spin. Unfortunately, this is not a loudspeaker for people who don’t want to torture their surroundings with music: at average volume, the bass overshadows the treble, which only starts to swirl from over 1/3 of the scale (the louder the better).

While electronic, dance and disco tracks seem to be the elementary element of T6 Max, all kinds of guitar sound and more subdued music like the last Rojek’s album make me dream of releasing the Chemical Brothers or the mentioned Little Big.

Do you have in your family or among your loved ones a fascinated metal fan, which you want to bring to the “good” way? Let him have Metallica or Tronsmart Irons at 1/3 volume. I guarantee that at some point he’ll hate every sound based on guitar and predatory vocals.

Like most speakers of this type, we can also pair the T6 Max Element in stereo – on the manufacturer’s website there is a visualization, where such a solution was used as an extension to the TV. Although I don’t know what such a combo sounds like, I would advise against a similar experiment: first of all, a lot of bass and vibration, secondly, delays, visible even when watching movies on You Tube.


Product Details

Features -Up to 60W Output;
-360 Degree Surround Sound;
-bluetooth 5.0 and IPX5 waterproof;
-Support TWS, Voice Assistant and NFC;
-Up to 60W Output.
Specification Product Name: bluetooth Speaker
Brand: Tronsmart
Model: Element T6 Max
Color: Black
Dimension: 140 x 140 x 193 mm / 5.51 x 5.51 x 7.60 inches
Power: 60 Watt Max.
Input: Charging input: DC 5V/3A, 24V/0.65A
bluetooth Version: 5.0
bluetooth Compatibility: A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6, GAVDP V1.3, HFP V1.7, HID V1.1, IOPT, SPP V1.2
Transmission Distance: 10m / 33ft (open area)
Frequency: 40Hz - 20KHz
Battery Capacity: 12000 mAh
Play Time: Up to 20 hours (50% volume level)
Standby: About 3 months
Charging Time: About 6 hours
S/N ratio: - 65dB


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