Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Three Cleaning Modes
  • 2: 550ML large water tank
  • 3: LDS Laser Mapping
  • 4: 4900Pa Powerful Suction
  • 5: New AI upgrade, support 5 maps + 7 appointments

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Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Vacuum Cleaner – Mopping Master Pro

In fact, many of my friends are already using vacuum Cleaner. When they were asked how they felt about using it, their comments were mixed. Some people advised me to buy one, saying that it was really convenient to use it. The gospel for lazy people can also be controlled remotely in the office. The robot will automatically clean the house, and the house will be very clean when I get home.

The reason why VIOMI was chosen is that It is because I already have VIOMI’s water purifier, smoke stove, cooking machine and other products in my home. I feel good with these products, On the other hand, I didn’t want to install too many APP in my mobile phone, so I directly chose VIOMI’s new Internet sweeper V3. Of course, in the later use, I also found that it didn’t disappoint me. I was proficient in sweeping the floor and mopping the floor. It not only freed the labor force, but also improved the happiness index of the family. I must give a favorable comment!

VIOMI V3 is not particularly large in volume, with a diameter of 35cm and a maximum height of 9.45 cm. Ordinary low-legged furniture can easily pass through.

Its appearance is still relatively beautiful. The front shell has a metallic luster. The bulge at the top is an intelligent laser sensor. When working, the blue part inside will rotate rapidly to scan the environment. The environment map scanned by Vacuum Cleaner can be seen in real time on the mobile phone APP.

Directly in front of V3 are two pieces of metal strips. When the robot charges automatically, these two pieces of metal strips will contact the metal strips of the charging pile.

The small window on the front and back is a red envelope receiving sensor, and the whole back is a whole collision sensor.

There is only one key on the entire surface of VIOMI V3. Press the upper part to realize the cleaning function, and the lower part is the power supply. Press the whole part to restore the networking setting. When you operate the sweeping robot, the sweeper will have a real voice prompt, which is very convenient and can avoid misoperation of the sweeper.

Its top cover can be opened directly and manually, and the dust box can be seen after opening. There is also a brush with a blade on the edge of the dust box. The blade can be used to cut off the long hair wrapped around the brush. This is a very considerate design!

When mopping the floor, you can take out the dust box and replace it with a water tank. VIOMI V3 has a super large volume of 550ml. The area of my house is relatively small, and it can be dragged out only by half a box at a time. It is estimated that there is no problem in dealing with a large house with 3 rooms and 2 halls after filling.

The VIOMI V3 also has a relatively large dust box volume. By the way, the dust box also has a check device. When the sweeper is retreated or the dust box needs to be replaced, garbage will not spill out and cause secondary pollution.

The filter screen of the dust box has HEPA logo and is a high-efficiency air filter. Now the filter elements of our household air purifiers are all of this standard. This filter screen has good filtering effect, but the cost is a bit high. Fortunately, V3 can be reused. After being dirty, it can be cleaned with water and then used. Relatively speaking, it is also a saving for users.

The back of VIOMI V3 looks complicated because it is full of various sensors, including rag detection sensors, speed sensors, drop sensors, compass sensors and cliff sensors.

The two large driving wheels on the back are very powerful when looking at them. The wheels have strong anti-skid and obstacle-crossing ability. The wires, carpets and relatively short steps on the ground can be easily crossed.

The VIOMI V3 brushes are V-shaped, At the same time, the edge of the brush is followed by a glue brush. On the one hand, it can clean the smooth ground. When it comes to the gap in the floor, the glue brush will bring up dust when it is slapped, and the brush will also sweep up the foreign matters in the gap. The dust and foreign matters will be sucked away by large suction force. This design will make the robot cleaner after cleaning.

VIOMI V3 adopts a one-sided brush design, and the side brush adopts a tool-free installation design. This kind of design seems to be controversial. Some people say that the bilateral brush is efficient, but opponents say that the bilateral brush is easy to return garbage, causing secondary pollution in the cleaned area.

Wet mop rags need to be used in conjunction with the water tank. After installing the water tank, the brush and glue brush will stop working. The water from the water tank is very uniform. For northerners, wet mop is very necessary, especially after heating in winter. First, the house is easy to fall ash. Second, the house is too dry. VIOMI V3 is used for wet mop, which is clean and moisturizing, killing two birds with one stone.

This is the charging pile of VIOMI V3, with a blue LED indicator on the front. The lower two metal bar contacts are telescopic and can be more firmly contacted with the metal bar contacts on the front of the robot.

The power cord interface of the charging pile is designed at the bottom and inside, and there is also a winding design inside. When the charging pile in the home is relatively close to the socket, the excess wire can be stored, which will appear very clean and will not hinder the cleaning work of the sweeper.

When using VIOMI V3, we can download the corresponding APP in VIOMI mall, connect and bind step by step according to the instructions, and operate according to the instructions, which is very simple.

Look at the sweeping process of the sweeping robot, The global mode needs to be selected for the first cleaning, which is convenient for it to draw the environmental map of the home. The machine will first clean along the edge and draw the border line at the same time. The topographic map will be displayed in real time in the mobile phone APP. After the border drawing is completed, the robot will clean according to the S line. Judging from the cleaning track, there is almost no repeated cleaning area. The degree of automation and intelligence are relatively high.

Finally, a brief summary: This is the first time my family has tried a sweeping robot. It feels really convenient, and the cleaning is also very clean. During the test, I specially cleaned the floor manually + wet mop again, and then let VIOMI V3 clean it. I didn’t expect that after it was cleaned, I checked the dust box and there was still a lot of dust and hair, which shows that our usual sweeping + wet mop mode was still not clean. As a result, the cleaning work of our house was handed over to VIOMI V3, freeing my hands and the happiness index increased a lot in an instant.


Product Details

Features Super hardware upgrade, large suction and strong endurance;
2600Pa Super Suction
4900mAh battery
Three working modes, major upgrade of floor mopping system, scientific floor mopping/healthy floor mopping;
AI Intelligent Upgrade Y Imitation Manual Mopping
550ML large water tank to meet the needs of 250 square meters of super-large area mopping
AI Upgrade, Supports 5 Maps +7 Reservations
Supports 5 maps
Support 7 sweep booking to meet the demand of 7 days a week.
Floor mopping sterilization function: It can effectively sterilize common viruses such as pneumonia virus, H1N1, SARS, etc., including professional certification.
Specification Brand: VIOMI
Model: V3
Accessories Types: Dustbin, HEPA, Mopping Pad, Rolling Brush, Side Brush, Sweeper, Water Tank
Material : ABS
Cleaner Types: Vacuum Cleaner
Function: Dry, Mop, Suction, Sweep, Sweep Suction, Vacuum, Wet, Wet and Dry
Feature: Mop, Remote Control, Schedule, Self Charging
Remote Control: Yes
Schedule Function: Yes
Self Recharging: Yes
Virtual Wall: Yes
Climb Capability: 20mm
Floor Types: Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Marble Floor, Shag Carpet, Tile Floor, Wood Floor
Dust Box Capacity: 550ml
Water Tank Capacity: 550ml
Suction (pa): 2600Pa
Noise (dB): 68dB
Power (W): 33
Charging Time: 180 - 240min
Working Time: 60 - 130min
Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃


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