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  • 1: Powerful and Precise, Support Offline Engraving
  • 2: Large Working Area 130*130mm
  • 3: Unleash Your Creativity With Laser Cutting
  • 4: Smart And Intuitive
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WAINLUX K8 Mini Laser Engraving Machine

Hey guys, time has come to the last month of 2023, time has flown by and I bet this year has definitely been the most intense year for laser engravers. I’ve come across a lot of laser equipment from brands like Atomstack, xTool, iKier, Laserpeaker, and they’ve all done a fantastic job in their product segments. But today I’m going to bring you a very special product that I really like for its compact design, it’s the WAINLUX K8, which you may have already seen on Kickstater.

I would like to say that the diode laser has evolved to the point where the topic of laser safety will never be resolved. Therefore, I think that those devices that meet the Class I laser certification will be more popular in the future. The WAINLUX K8 is designed as a box, which is obviously Class I laser certified and very safe.


I received three packages – the WAINLUX K8 machine, the Air Purifier, and the R1 Rotary Roller – and to be honest, the packaging was very sturdy, with very ample foam in the box acting as a cushion to protect the machine from damage in transit.

The box came with some carving material for testing, as well as a replaceable window mirror, which was a very thoughtful gesture.

Installation and use is also very easy, you just need to connect to connect the air purifier to the carving machine to use it.


The WAINLUX K8 is so compact that it looks like a microwave. If your studio table isn’t big enough, there’s no need to worry because it doesn’t take up a lot of space at all.

We can see that the machine has a magnetic door on the front which is very easy to open and close. Inside, there is a dust bin underneath which pulls out in a drawer style so that the user can clean up dust and stains.

The machine has a built-in lamp that provides light in the dimly lit box so that you can see the laser in full operation.

The WAINLUX K8’s ventilation system is on the right side, so you can duct the fumes out the window or connect an air filter. By the way, the included exhaust pipe is very short, so if you need to vent the smoke outside the house then you will need to purchase a longer one.


Unsurprisingly, WAINLUX K8 supports the current popular software Lightburn and LaserGRBL, so if you’re used to using Lightburn, just pay $60 for it. Even though Lightburn is paid software, it does work well and has a full range of features.

However, I would like to recommend CutLabX, a free software from WAINLUX, a company that has developed its own software, which is a good sign that it is a good company.

I installed CutLabX on my Windows PC and also installed the app on my Android phone.


On the top of the machine, we can see a camera. It’s a nice idea, it helps us with the positioning function. For example, dragging the pattern on the engraving material with the mouse, you can put it to any position you want to put it through the camera.


The WAINLUX K8 machine comes in three versions of diode blue laser output power, 2.5W, 5W, 10W, and the version I got is a 5W machine, which is obviously a good machine for engraving, and occasionally cutting thin materials is no problem.

Here’s a look at the engraving work:

Let’s take a look at the cutting pieces:


I have to say that I am very impressed with the WAINLUX K8, a laser engraver. It has a very good look and sturdy quality. Although its software leaves a lot to be desired, it still doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s a great machine. Especially with the air purifier, it means I can use it comfortably rather than having to put up with unpleasant odours.

It’s clear that the WAINLUX K8, as an entry-level device, fulfils the needs of the vast majority of people who use it. The price is also very reasonable, in my opinion, at just $299 for the 2.5W version, $329 for the 5W version, and $399 for the 10W version.

In terms of accessories, if you need to buy the MD22-Mini Purifier, then go through this link. Don’t forget to head over to the WAINLUX K8 Promotion page for lots of surprises.


Product Details

Features - FDA certified laser level CLASS 1
- With a 2MP high-definition camera
- Can be connected to a specially equipped high-efficiency smoke
- Technological reminder indicator light design
Specification Model: K8
Material: ABS
Laser Module: 5W
Engraving speed: 12000mm/min
One Pass: 7mm Pine wood
One Pass: 5mm Plywood
Power Supply: DC12V/4A
Output Power: <48W
Laser wavelength: 455nm
Data Interface: WIFI, USB-Type C, support MAC &Windows
Cooling method: Air cooling
Laser class: Class 1
Laser Service Time: >10000 hours
Engraving Size: 130*130mm
Engraving Accuracy: 0.01mm
Engraving material: Paper, wood, plastic, leather, cloth, cardboard, leather, stone, ceramics, stainless steel, coated metals and other non-transparent materials
Support Systerm: Windows/ MAC/ Android/ IOS
Product Size: 272*272*294mm
Package Size: 323*323*395mm


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