Xiao Qiao SmartRun

Xiao Qiao SmartRun

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Weighs 39.5 kg
  • 2: Occupying an area of less than 0.5 ㎡
  • 3: Can be connected via Wi-Fi
  • 4: Can be installed vertically at a 90 degree angle
  • 5: maximum load of 100 kg

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  • Design 9 / 10
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Xiao Qiao SmartRun

Xiaomi has launched a running machine on Mijia’s patented crowdfunding platform. The model called Xiao Qiao SmartRun is the third presented on the platform for the current year. The running machine it launched a little over a month ago was a huge success, so it’s no wonder the Chinese company presented a cheaper version just before Christmas.

This product is supplied by a third party company, Shanghai Wenjia Industrial Co., Ltd. The Xiao Qiao SmartRun is specially designed for the home, takes up little space and allows you to be always in shape, our new sports trainer is made in a minimalist design and in white grayish color.

Xiao Qiao SmartRun

The control panel of the Xiao Qiao SmartRun is also made with a minimalist design, the high quality LED display is equipped with touch-sensitive buttons. On the left side of the panel is a photoelectric heart rate sensor. The heart rate monitor is read on the screen and can control the rhythm, avoiding excessive loads. In addition, the Xiao Qiao SmartRun has a mobile application that can be connected via Wi-Fi. Thanks to the complementary application, not only can you track your physical activity and keep statistics, but you can also manage the simulator.

One of the unusual features is the patented Silkworm technology, a system that absorbs shocks to the knee by preventing bouncing. In this way, it prevents knee diseases and injuries, as well as silencing noise. The Xiao Qiao SmartRun requires no special installation, it has a lever that allows it to fold and unfold in seconds. It can be installed vertically at a 90 degree angle, occupying an area of less than 0.5 ㎡.

Xiao Qiao SmartRun treadmill control panel is a minimalist design, with touch keys, flat LED digital display, bringing comfortable visual experience. The motor is the core of a treadmill. Xiao Qiao Smart Run chooses the Japanese Fuji brand motor to drive. The motor lasts for 500 hours. Its power output is stable. It cooperates with the imported dry bearings from France. The friction coefficient is very small and the running noise is low. It brings you a comfortable running experience.

The shock absorption system is the key point of the whole treadmill design, because it is related to the protection of knee joint in long-term exercise. Xiao Qiao Silkworm patented technology utilizes the principle of running shoes shock absorption, adopts the slow rebound characteristics of inert materials, arch design, absorbs impact force instantly and delays release, thus protecting knee from rebound damage.

Xiao Qiao SmartRun is installation-free and ready to use. And the “one-foot pedal” folding mode is adopted. Only by tapping the unlocking device gently, the column is slowly lowered, and the folding of the whole machine is automatically completed. SmartRun folded can be vertical 90, can be placed on the wall, occupying less than 0.5 square meters, greatly saving the occupancy of indoor space.

“Silkworm Baby” cushion bottom has done a special porous muffling treatment, the arch bridge design of the shock absorber system makes the treadmill and the ground completely soft contact, to avoid noisy neighbors when you exercise at home.

It’s powered by a Fuji electric motor. The entire device weighs 39.5 kg. It admits a maximum load of 100 kg, in terms of speed, can accelerate from 0.8 to a maximum of 12 km/h and has a nominal power of 0.75 liters with nominal voltage of 220V. Each product undergoes several tests and quality certifications. Finally, this is on sale at Youpin at a price of $145.


Product Details

Features Occupying an area of less than 0.5 ㎡
Weighs 39.5 kg
Specification Product name: Xiao Qiao intelligent treadmill
Product model: SmartRun
Display: LED
Maximum load capacity 100kg
Effective Running Area: 42*120 cm
Speed 0.8-12 km/h
The gross weight of the product is 48.5kg
Net weight of product: 39.5ks
Intelligent Connection WIFL
Rated power 0.75 HP
Rated voltage 220V
Rated frequency: 50HZ


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