Xiaomi BRE02JY

Xiaomi BRE02JY

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Audio
  • 1: Cable Length (m): 1.25m
  • 2: IPX4 Waterproof
  • 3: Copper Voice Coil
  • 4: Ultra-thin Diaphragm
  • 5: Bluetooth 4.1 technology

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

Xiaomi BRE02JY Type-C Dynamic Earphone In-ear Earbuds

Recently I saw Xiaomi produced a Type-C version of the Xiaomi dual-unit half-ear headphones, which attracted me all at once! Type-C? My smartphone does not have a 3.5MM interface, so I can only use the poor state MU1 as a patch cord to plug in the headphones. Now I think that there is an inconvenience: the MU1 wire and the headphone wire are different in thickness, and the 3.5mm transfer interface on the MU1 is slightly There are some weights, so I feel a little tired when I watch the video with my mobile phone at night. I would like to start with the Xiaomi BRE02JY dual-unit half-ear headphones Type-C version, to make a simple review with everyone.

Xiaomi BRE02JY

The packaging is as simple as ever, and there is a small gold standard on the front of the box (Japan Hi-Res Audio certification).

Xiaomi BRE02JY

The items in the box are very simple, only the earphones and a manual, no earmuffs are provided!

Xiaomi BRE02JY

Seeing this look is a feeling of deja vu? Emmm…..I think it’s a bit like Apple’s little white plug. If I’m not mistaken, this open hole design is designed on the side of the shell from Apple’s second generation Apple Apple. However, the Xiaomi BRE02JY dual-unit half-ear headphones Type-C version also has its own design style, for example, its P-share design is different from the small white plug, and the overall look is quite harmonious.

Xiaomi BRE02JY

This Xiaomi BRE02JY headset uses a dynamic + ceramic speaker dual unit acoustic architecture. As far as I know, there are two kinds of architectures for the double moving coil. One is that the two moving coil units are arranged coaxially. This kind of architecture occupies the volume inside the cavity. The shell of the Type-C version of the millet dual-unit half-in-ear headphones is relatively small. It should not be used. The second is to use the diaphragm of the inner and outer rings on the same diaphragm to drive the sound of different frequency bands respectively. It is more likely to adopt this architecture.

Xiaomi BRE02JY

The CD design of the tail of the earphone looks more refined, the printed LR logo is clear, the recognition is high, and the position of the air hole is also designed here, which helps to improve the transparency of the sound.

Xiaomi BRE02JY

The outer casing of the headphone is relatively slim, and there are three buttons on the top side, and the partition processing is done, but I think that the pause play button in the middle is still not very blind and easy to press.

Xiaomi BRE02JY

The different highlight of the Xiaomi BRE02JY dual-unit half-ear headphones Type-C version lies in this Type-C interface. At present, many mobile phones have canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack. Everyone has to use the transfer method to improve the sound quality. Xiaomi dual unit The Type-C version of the semi-in-ear headphones directly integrates the decoder chip into the plug, making it more convenient to use. What’s more worth mentioning is that the headset also supports the functions of calling, cutting songs, pausing playback, hanging up the call, and calling out the voice assistant. These functions are not possible on the transfer line.

Xiaomi BRE02JY

Since the earphone comes with a decoding chip, after the mobile phone is connected, the mobile phone only plays the role of a digital turntable, and the sound quality performance has little to do with the mobile phone itself. The overall sound direction of the Xiaomi dual-unit half-in-ear headphones Type-C version is balanced, and has a certain thickness. The resolution is one of the highlights of this earphone. The double moving coil design not only makes the separation higher, but also The analytical power has also improved. Its medium frequency is more ear-based, the line is more clear, and it can bring a good image. It is more suitable for listening to popular vocals. At first, I mainly listened to some popular RTHK styles, and the vocals are more ears.

However, the low frequency dive is somewhat ordinary. If the rhythm and cheerful music is not able to express the sense of atmosphere, its transient response speed is good, which can make up for the lack of popular music performance. All in all, the omnivorousness of this stopper is OK, and it is basically enough to meet the daily needs of the game.

Xiaomi BRE02JY


Product Details

Features ● USB Type-C interface, compact size, plug and play
● Dynamic driver + ceramics driver, produces richer immersive sound
● Shallow in-ear design, more comfortable even after a long time wearing
● Wired control, more convenient to answer the call while driving, jogging, etc.
● Hi-Res audio recognized, provides you with CD level sound quality
Specification Brand: Xiaomi
Function: Answering Phone,Microphone,Noise Cancelling,Song Switching,Volume Control
Material: Metal,PC
Model: BRE02JY
Type: In-Ear
Wearing type: In-Ear

Application: Sport,Working
Cable Length (m): 1.25m
Compatible with: Computer,iPhone,iPod,Mobile phone
Connecting interface: Type-C
Connectivity: Wired
Frequency response: 20 - 40KHz
Driver type: Dynamic
Impedance: 32ohms
Sensitivity: 105dB

Package size (L x W x H): 12.00 x 3.50 x 2.50 cm / 4.72 x 1.38 x 0.98 inches
Package weight: 0.1000 kg
Product weight: 0.0140 kg


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