Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones
Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Audio
  • 1: Youth color matching
  • 2: Collar design
  • 3: 1 hour full charging
  • 4: Lightweight TPE material
  • 5: Better elasticity
  • 6: 7 hours of music playback time

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones - Specs

Product Details

  • Features
    Youth color matching, collar design / composite diaphragm large moving ring / 1 hour full charging
    Lightweight TPE material, better elasticity, automatic rebound
    Lightweight, only 35g, ergonomically designed for more comfortable wearing
    7 hours of music playback time;
    Segmented button design is sensitive, half-ear earphones, and fits the ear
  • Specification
    Brand: Xiaomi
    Function: Answering Phone,Bluetooth,HiFi,Microphone,MP3 player,Sweatproof,Volume Control,Waterproof
    Material: Metal,TPE
    Type: In-Ear
    Wearing type: In-ear with neckband

    Application: Aviation,Gaming,Running,Sport,Working
    Compatible with: Computer,iPhone,iPod,Mobile phone,MP3,Portable Media Player
    Connectivity: Wireless
    Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
    Driver type: Dynamic
    Sound channel: Two-channel (stereo)
    Music Time: 7 hours
    Talk time: 7 hours

    Bluetooth: Yes
    Bluetooth distance: W/O obstacles ≤10m
    Bluetooth mode: Headset
    Bluetooth protocol: A2DP,AVRCP
    Bluetooth Version: V4.1

    Battery Capacity(mAh): 137mAh Li-ion Battery
    Battery Type: Built-in
  • Package content
    1 x Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones

Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

8.3 4.2 1
  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10

Today we have an interesting device for you that is certainly slightly different from the ones in its class, so that you can get an idea of it, we’ll share our experience with it below. That device is the Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones, a wireless headset in necklace format.

The Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones come with the structure of a semi-rim, which will fit in the neck of the user. First of all, we thought this design decision would be very uncomfortable but these headphones changed our perspective about it. Now, without further delay, we will begin to analyze this device in depth to discover the value of this device.

The Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones come in a white package with the typical minimalist style of Xiaomi products. All the inscription and specifications of the device, along with the model number, are written on the back of the package.

Once the package is open we will find the hearing aids prostrate in an inner support with the form of the same ones, when raising this section, just below them, we will see the instruction manual.

Finally, the package measures 20.00 x 17.50 x 5.00 cm and weighs 0.25 kg. Inside the package we can find: the Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones and the instruction manual. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a micro-USB cable to charge the device.

The Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones are available in two colors: black and orange. One thing to keep in mind about these headphones is that orange ones are cheaper than black ones, we don’t know why, but we don’t have any complaints about it either. Our choice for this analysis was black.

Regarding the attributes of the device, first of all, Xiaomi has released these drop-shaped headphones, which help the device to keep it inside the ear without any complication, in turn, neither interfere with the perception of surrounding sounds. In fact, the design is quite similar to Apple headphones.

The second aspect of the device is the positioning of the headphone control board, which is on one end of the plastic hoop, next to the charging port. Overall, the Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones look pretty decent, the quality of the materials used is excellent and the shape of the headphones is familiar.

The right side of the plastic end is smooth and does not have any control, on the contrary, at the extreme left side is the control knob, in which we will see 2 buttons: on / off and volume control. In addition, it has a microphone, an LED and a micro-USB connector to charge the internal battery.

First of all, we find it very illogical for the “+” button to move the track back and, in turn, the “-” button to move the track forward. However, we notice that the “+” button is located at the end closest to the neck, and the “-” button at the far end, so, if you look at the spatial concepts, the “back” button goes back and the “forward” button goes forward, so, based on that logic the company Xiaomi.

Now, let’s start with the sound section of the Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones. The sound quality of the headphones, whether high or medium frequency. However, they can’t brag about low tones, low frequencies can’t press for improvement and are very conditional on what we hear. Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones are compatible with Bluetooth 4.1, and can work with a range of up to 10 meters of the device we use as a player, either our phone, computer or laptop.

Finally, to conclude this analysis, the operating performance of the Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones corresponds to the manpower quality established in them. The low weight of the device makes it almost imperceptible, however, the shape and design of the headphones do not help much in sound insulation. Therefore, these headphones are best for use in normal conditions or, if you prefer to say so, in a low-noise environment. The purpose of such headphones is not very convenient due to the penetration of external noise. Generally speaking, it turned out to be a good product in this market segment without expecting anything out of the ordinary from them.