Xiaomi Mi HYYTJME01

Xiaomi Mi HYYTJME01

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Gadget
  • 1: QCC APQ8053 chip
  • 2: 6 array host microphones
  • 3: 3 ring array extended microphone
  • 4: DSP noise reduction chip
  • 5: Two 2.5-inch high-fidelity speakers

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Xiaomi Mi HYYTJME01 Video Conference Soundbar

Xiaomi released a product called HYYTJME01 audio and video conferencing speakers, the product at first glance very much like a TV box with a camera, but in fact the main role of Xiaomi this product is the remote conferencing function, connected to a TV or computer can make remote video calls. So Xiaomi audio and video conferencing speaker is good to use? What specific features are there? Here’s how to explore it.

First from the configuration, Xiaomi Mi HYYTJME01 is equipped with Qualcomm APQ8053 processor, built-in dual image processor core, support 4K resolution as well as ultra-clear voice, independent DSP noise reduction chip, the benefit is to be able to eliminate most of the noise, the use of this device in office scenarios can be very good, to be able to precise office meetings is the speech, microphone support 5M intelligent pickup, the original restoration is very high.

The camera is more prominent in the overall device, built-in 120° Sony HD camera, 8 times zoom as well as up and down 10° extreme vertical angle adjustment, in dozens of square meters in the conference room to use the words almost no dead angle vision show. In addition, Xiaomi audio and video conferencing speakers can be connected to TVs and computers and other display devices, a direct line of design USB-C and USB-direct connection, can be compatible with a variety of operating systems and conference software. As for the Xiaomi audio and video conferencing speakers have what features? At present, the words only support video conferencing function, the role of a relatively single, as for other features will depend on whether the follow-up will be updated in this regard.

Finally, it must be mentioned that Xiaomi audio and video conferencing speaker also supports firmware upgrade. Visit the Xiaomi official website help center, download the firmware required to upgrade, and follow the step-by-step guide in the upgrade guide to complete the firmware upgrade. Note that only Windows systems currently support firmware upgrades.

Enterprise video conferencing is about improving communication efficiency and reducing communication costs, especially time costs. In external communication, whether it is fast and smooth is not only a matter of personal experience, it also represents the efficiency and image of an enterprise.


Product Details

Features - Equipped with 8-core 14-nanometer QCC APQ8053 chip, powerful performance and easy control of 4K images and ultra-clear voice.
- Equipped with 6 array host microphones and 3 ring array extended microphone, provide a better sound reception effect.
- DSP noise reduction chip, with AI intelligent algorithm, intelligent recognition of human voice, eliminate noise.
- Two 2.5-inch high-fidelity speakers to presenting real human voice, bringing a listening experience comparable to HiFi sound quality.
- 120° Wide-angle HD camera, 8X zoom with 10° mechanical vertical adjustment up and down, easy to focus on key images.
- USB-C/ SB-A Plug and Play, compatible with multiple operating systems and conference software, for example, Zoom, for Microsoft Teams, Lark, Skype,Tencent meeting...
- The camera is equipped with a flexible lens cover switch to effectively protect privacy and safety.
Specification Brand: Xiaomi
Model: HYYTJME01
Power input: 12V-2A
Power: 10W
Frequency response range: 130-20kHz
Camera pixels: 800W
Wide Angle: 120°
Video resolution: 4K HD Video
Video output format: H.264, MJPEG, YUY2
Field of view adjustment: Support picture zoom in, zoom out, up/down/left/right adjustment
Number of microphones: 6+3
Pickup distance: 5m HD pickup for host, 3m pickup for extended microphone
bluetooth version: V5.0


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