Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 VS Xiaomi Mi 9 SE: which is the best mid-range phone?

Xiaomi has stood up to the competition with its new mid-range mobiles. Without a doubt, the Redmi Note 7 and the Mi 9 SE are some of the best smartphones out there so far. These have excellent features that attract the attention of many people. For that reason, we have decided to make a comparison between these mobiles to see which is better. If you are interested, we will talk about their details in the following information.

IMG Via: androidphoria
IMG Via: androidphoria

These two phones have incredible specifications, and they have good value for money, something many appreciate about Xiaomi. One of the most incredible things about these smartphones, are the cameras, they have a great quality that would leave anyone speechless.

The truth is that they have similar designs on the front with a very modern style. Although there are some differences that make the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE more eye-catching. As we can see the Redmi Note 7 has thicker frames and a slightly larger notch. Also, the back has a light/dark gradient design, which looks great. On the other hand, there is the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, this one keeps a very similar design to its main version, the Mi 9. It has reduced frames and a smaller notch water drop with smoothed edges. And that’s why it’s the best design choice.

Although the Redmi Note 7 has a very good photographic quality in its cameras, it is not enough to surpass the triple rear camera and the front of the Mi 9 SE. The Redmi Note 7 has 48 MP + 5 MP, while the Mi 9 SE surpasses it significantly with 48 MP + 8 MP + 13 MP. So if you’re looking for the best camera, you know which mobile you should choose, you’ll get high quality pictures.

On the front camera, Redmi Note 7 also lags behind with its 13 MPs. So the Mi 9 SE has nothing more and nothing less than 20 MP, excellent quality to make the best selfies. Although neither of the two mobiles has a front LED flash.

Here the Redmi Note 7 has a point in favor, as it takes the throne of battery performance. It’s 4000 mAh that keeps this good midrange alive, and surpasses the 3070 mAh of the Mi 9 SE.

With the Redmi Note 7 you won’t have to worry about having to charge your mobile battery at all times. Although the Mi 9 SE battery is good enough and is still a good choice.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is the first mobile to use the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 712. The most powerful midrange processor out there. So it surpasses Redmi Note 7 without any effort.

In addition, the Mi 9 SE comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. This makes it the best choice if you’re looking for a very powerful midrange. With the Mi 9 SE, there won’t be any inconvenience when using any type of application. It’s even capable of running Fortnite Mobile, one of the games that requires a lot of power.

If the features are taken into account, the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE undoubtedly wins the prize. It has the best camera, design, and is the most powerful of Xiaomi’s mid-range mobiles.

Obviously, there is a difference in the price of these mobiles. You can get the Mi 9 SE for a price of $280 to $320. And the Redmi Note 7 from $160 to $230.