5 best electric scooters with excellent price / performance ratio you can buy from China

The Brands Xiaomi and Ninebot I think you’ve heard, but electric scooters are not limited to the two brands, even though Xiaomi are among the pioneers in this field. Recently, Banggood has increased its offer of electric vehicles with a new series of electric scooters but also bicycles. In today’s article I want to introduce you to 5 models of Chinese electric scooters, which you can buy at a good price this week. I mention this because the discount coupons in this article are only valid until September 12th.

I mention that the products are delivered by courier, without any additional charges, whether you choose the warehouse in Europe, respectively UK, or the warehouse in China. The advantage of the European (UK) warehouse is that of fast delivery time, ie 3-5 working days. Instead, if you choose to order from China you must wait at least a month.

Langfeite L8S

The Langfeite L8S can be an excellent choice for people who have to travel a long distance and want a comfortable scooter. It has both front and rear suspension, as well as 10-inch pneumatic tires, so unevenness of the asphalt and small edges will not be a problem. The scooter comes with front / rear disc brake and electronic front wheel brake.

It integrates 2 engines of 800 watts (one on the front wheel and the other on the rear wheel), managing to reach speeds up to 45km/h. It weighs 27 kilograms and the maximum weight it can support is 150 kilograms. Langfeite L8S is available in 2 versions: with 20Ah or 15Ah battery. The version in the article is the 20Ah and promises a range of up to 55 kilometers with a single charge. Full specifications can be found here.

Nextdrive N-7

With 10-inch tires, futuristic design, ergonomic handlebar, display and disc brake, the Nextdrive N-7 can be a more affordable alternative to the Xiaomi M365 Pro. This model integrates an engine with 300 watts power in the front wheel, which can accelerate up to 32 km / h on a 15 degree slope. Like the model shown above, the Nextdrive N-7 is available in 2 versions: one with 7.8Ah battery and the other with 10.4Ah battery. Bonus, it comes with a package and a chair.

The 7.8Ah battery version can reach a maximum speed of 26 km / h and its autonomy is up to 22 kilometers. Instead, for a rather small price difference, the 10.4Ah battery version can reach a maximum speed of 32 km / h, and with a single charge you can travel up to 36 kilometers.

Janobike 2000W

Buy Janobike 2000W use Coupon: BGJNBIKE2K19 Price: $829

Similar to the Langfeite L8S, the Janobike 2000W is a “beast” that can reach a maximum speed of up to 70km / h and can climb a maximum slope of 35 degrees. The scooter has 2 engines of 1000W, front / rear disc brake, as well as suspension on both wheels. The scooter integrates a 23.4Ah battery, which can provide up to 80 kilometers of autonomy.

In addition to the display, the scooter also has a USB port that allows the phone to be charged. It comes with a package and a chair. The wheels are 10 inches and the tires are full, which means it can be used on any type of road, without fuss. The maximum weight supported is 200 kilograms.

Zapcool T103-1

A good scooter for the city but also for the offroad. ZAPCOOL T103-1 has a single engine in the front wheel, and with a power of 1600W, it manages to reach a maximum speed of up to 60km / h. It has brake and suspension on both wheels, and its battery is 23.4Ah, thus managing to achieve a range of up to 70-90 kilometers. Like previous models, the ZAPCOOL T103-1 can support a maximum weight of up to 200 kilograms.

Langfeite L3

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For those who want something more compact and easy, without compromising on the autonomy and comfort, there is Langfeite L3. This scooter comes with a front wheel suspension, disc brake and 8-inch pneumatic tires. The display also has a display and the maximum speed it can reach is 25 kilometers. Its engine has a power of 350W, being sufficient for urban travel.

Even though it weighs only 15 kilograms, Langfeite L3 integrates a generous 20.8Ah battery, which can provide a range of up to 60 kilometers. The maximum weight supported is 120 kilograms.