70mai A800

70mai A800

Brand: 70mai
Category: Gadget
  • 1: GPS Built-in
  • 2: Dual-vision with the Cinema-quality Video
  • 3: Up to 4K Resolution with 140°FOV
  • 4: Super Night Vision with 3D DNR
  • 5: Boosted Driving Safety with ADAS

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70mai A800 4K Smart Dash Cam Built-in GPS ADAS Camera UHD Cinema-quality Image 24H Parking SONY IMX415 140FOV

With the continuous development of semiconductor technology, the mainstream car recorder in a long time to maintain the FHD (1080P) resolution, of course, many high-end products have also begun to hit the more accurate 2K (1440P) or even 4K (2160P) resolution, recently experienced 70Mai 4K intelligent recorder A800 is one of them: in addition to 4K HD recording, it is also compatible with the front and rear! With dual recording, built-in GPS and ADAS driver assistance, it’s worth taking a closer look at how it performs.

Unpacking and Appearance

As a long-time user of 70Mai products, the A800’s packaging is no stranger to simplicity and space-saving packaging, as always. Of course, the rear pull-down camera in the black package below is an extra purchase and is not included with the A800.

The A800’s accessories are similar to those of other 70mai smart recorders, and the power connector continues to use micro-USB, but it’s a bummer that the recorder dock isn’t universal to the previous product.

The A800 body itself, in addition to having a heritage design, makes the first impression that it’s big – it’s roughly 1.5 times larger than the Pro Starlight version I used before. Of course, with the addition of a larger CMOS (sensor), built-in GPS module and ADAS driver assistance, the increase in size is inevitable.

Before and after recording effects

This section is a direct frame cut from the recorded footage, which gives a visual representation of how the product was recorded.

The A800 features a Sony IMX415 sensor with a 1/2.8-inch CMOS (sensor, the bigger the better) and 4K resolution, which, along with the Hisilicon HI3559 dual-core processor (yes, you read that right, Huawei Hisilicon), gives the A800 access to more advanced H.265 encoding and decoding capabilities. Unfamiliar with H.265? In simpler terms, H.265 aims to deliver higher quality network video with limited bandwidth, requiring only half the bandwidth to play the same quality video.

In simple terms: the video can be compressed to take up less space, but the picture quality and resolution remain the same.

What we should be more concerned about is the night recording effect, based on the basic qualities of the Sony IMX415, compared to the Pro Starlight version is only stronger, not weaker. And thanks to the improved resolution, the A800 retains more detail.

The role of the built-in GPS

70Mai A800 as a flagship product, in addition to being the brand’s first 4K resolution, is also the first intelligent recorder with built-in GPS, which allows the A800 to detect the current position and speed of the car, combined with dynamic updates of the road speed limit, photo data, the function of the “electronic dog” directly integrated.

The most intuitive feeling is that you can receive speed limit and violation photo alerts even when you are walking on the road without using the car’s navigation, which is very considerate.

ADAS driver assistance sensitivity

ADAS should be familiar to some car owners, common in many models of high-spec models, the role is to identify road information through the lens to assist the driver driving.

The A800 offers features such as “road departure alert,” “forward start alert,” and “forward collision alert,” which can be embraced by lower-spec models through ADAS. Smart. Of course, due to the inability to link with the car machine, some of the functions are still relatively limited use of the scene.

Among them, “the car in front of the start reminder” is very practical, waiting for red lights in the parking often because of slow reaction half a beat by the car behind the horn to urge, the feeling of being rushed is always not so good, over time for the psychological health is an impact. With the “front start reminder”, every time the vehicle in front of the start less than 1 meter ahead will be prompted “the car in front has started”, so you don’t have to worry about being rushed by the back of the car.

“Pre-collision reminder” is also a very good auxiliary function. In urban roads, there are often dangerous maneuvers of overtaking and merging back, A800 is able to identify such situations and remind the driver in time. Of course, the A800 can also remind the driver by judging the current speed and distance to the car in front to prevent tailgating.

Concluding remarks

As the flagship of the A800, many features have been made compatible, such as “voice control”, “24-hour parking detection”, “traffic-free video transmission”, and the much-lauded “Voice Control” in the 70Mai. ” “OTA online upgrade” and so on, all included. The higher clarity and more intelligent experience make me more willing to use the A800 as my own car’s right hand man, it is not just a driving recorder, but also bear some driving safety assistance function, I personally recommend to start.


Product Details

Features 1. GPS Built-in
2. Dual-vision with the Cinema-quality Video
3. Up to 4K Resolution with 140°FOV
4. Super Night Vision with 3D DNR
5. Boosted Driving Safety with ADAS
6. In-car Guardian for 24/7 Protection
7. Loop Recording & Evidence Protection
8. In-app Access & Instant Share
Specification Brand Name 70mai
Model A800
Name 70mai Smart Dash Cam
Chipset Manufacturer HISILICON
Frames Per Second 30
Assembly Mode Portable Recorder
Memory Card Required Reding Speed Class 10
View angle 105°-140°
Original Package Yes
Number Of Lenses 2
Camera Resolution 3840x2160
G-sensor Support
Cycle Recording Support
SD/MMC Card Support
Time&Date Display Support
GPS Bult in
Dual Lens Yes
Real Time Surveillance Support
Cyclic Recording Support
Wide Dynamic Range Support
Wifi Function Support
Imaging Sensor SONY IMX415
Battery Built-in
OSD Language Chinese(Traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Video Format Mp4
Pixels 800Mega
Screen Ratio 16:09
Touch Screen No
Display Size 3"-5"
Rear Camera Optional
Interface USB2.0
Interface Wi-Fi
Interface Micro SD/TF
Display LCD
Interface Micro SD/TF
Video Code H.264
Max External Memory 64GB


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