CHUWI HiPad Plus

CHUWI HiPad Plus

Brand: Chuwi
Category: Tablet PC
  • CPU: MediaTek MT8183
  • RAM+ROM: 4GB RAM + 128GB SSD
  • OS: Android 10.0
  • Display: IPS touch screen is 11 inch
  • Battery: 7500mAh Battery


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CHUWI HiPad Plus – A thin and beautifully designed 11-inch Android tablet coming soon

CHUWI, a Chinese manufacturer, is going to release an 11-inch size Android tablet called HiPad Plus. The HiPad X is a traditional Android tablet with slightly higher specifications, while HiPad Plus is a thin and high quality tablet with an appearance similar to the iPad series.

The OS of the new CHUWI HiPad Plus Tablet PC is Android 10, and the CPU is MT8183. MT8183 is a model number that I haven’t tested, and to be frank, I don’t see it very often, but I looked it up on the web and found it on the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019). The Antutu Ver8 score seems to be around 130,000 to 140,000 points. So it seems to be a little less powerful than the iPad X (Helio P60 CPU, 160,000 Antutu score).

With 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, the storage capacity is not bad, but the RAM is smaller than the 6GB of the HiPad X. Looking at the CPU and RAM configuration, it seems a bit weak for gaming. The CPU and RAM configuration is a bit weak for gaming, and I think it will be tough to play heavy content in high quality.

The display is an 11-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 2,176 x 1,600, which is similar to the aspect ratio of the iPad. The HiPad Plus is almost 4:3 (technically, it’s about 4:2.95) and the resolution is almost the same. The HiPad Plus is almost 4:3 (technically it’s about 4:2.95) and the resolution is almost the same, so I think it will look the same, at least numerically. The display specifications are the main difference between the HiPad X (16:10 WUXGA resolution) and the iPad X. The HiPad X supports a 16:10 WUXGA resolution, while the iPad X does not. As of January 13, we do not know if the HiPad Plus will support pen input, which the HiPad X did.

Also, as of January 13, there is no disclosure from CHUWI about LTE, but since the MT8183 CPU does not support LTE or 5G, we can assume that this product is a Wi-Fi only device.

Size is also a big attraction of the HiPad Plus, let’s compare it with iPad (unmarked, 10.2″), iPad Air (10.9″) and HiPad X.

  • HiPad Plus: 248.3 x 179.5 x 6.95 mm / 500 g
  • HiPad X: 252.54 x 162.94 x 9.5 mm / 563 g
  • iPad (unbranded): 250.6 x 174.1 x 7.5 mm / 490 g
  • iPad Air: 247.6 × 178.5 × 6.1 mm / 458 g

We can’t make a simple comparison because of the different display sizes and aspect ratios, but considering the fact that the HiPad Plus has the largest display size among the comparable models at 11 inches, I think it’s a “very good performance. It is indeed thicker and heavier than the iPad Air, which is the top model of the iPad, but since the price is more than double (the iPad Plus is cheaper), I think it can’t be helped.

This is a view from the front. This is not a CG image, but an actual image of the device, so I think it is very unlikely that the design is embellished, which is often a concern with Chinese products.

In the other image, it looks very stylish with narrow bezels that you wouldn’t expect from a Chinese Android tablet.

There are only a few images available to the public, and this is the only one that shows the sides. The chassis is made of aluminum alloy with diamond cut edges, and it seems to have a high quality finish that is typical of CHUWI products these days.

The CPU and RAM specs are a notch lower than the HiPad X, but the design seems to be a notch or two higher than the HiPad X.

As of January 13, the CHUWI HiPad Plus does not have a product page on the official CHUWI website. This article is based on a document sent by CHUWI, which says that it will be released in late January and the pre-order price will be $250. According to the document, it will go on sale in late January at a pre-order price of $250. It will probably be available on CHUWI’s direct sales site, which is the one they have been focusing on lately.

The most popular Chinese tablets among WintaB readers these days are the Teclast M40 and the ALLDOCUBE iPlay 40. I didn’t ask each of my readers, but I think the reason why they are so popular is because they are equipped with the UNISOC T618, a high-performance CPU that scores over 200,000 points on Antutu.

The CHUWI HiPad Plus is a little lower in specifications than these popular models, but it is thinner, lighter and has a very beautiful design. It also has a high-definition display with an “iPad-like” shape, which is rare for an Android device, and has a different appeal from the Teclast M40 and ALLDOCUBE iPlay 40. Will it be popular?


Product Details

Features Operating system: Android 10
CPU: MediaTek MT8183
Specification Brand: CHUWI
Model: HiPad Plus
Operating system: Android 10
Battery: 3.8V/7500MAH
Display Type: 16:10, FHD, Capacitive (10-Point)
Screen Size: 11 inch (diagonal)
Resolution: 1920*1200
Camera type: Dual Cameras
Front camera: 5.0MP
Rear camera: 13.0MP
Size: 248.3 × 179.5 × 6.95 mm
Net Weight: about 500g


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