Honor CLEA1

Honor CLEA1

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Professional Purification System
  • 2: Professional Configuration
  • 3: Large suction for daily cleaning
  • 4: 100000 rpm brushless motor
  • 5: 24000 Pa wind pressure

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Huawei Honor CLEA1 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

On April 27, Honor CLEA’s first all-in-one antimicrobial wireless vacuum cleaner debuted at Huawei Mall crowdfunding price of RMB 1299.

The Honor CLEA1 vacuum cleaner features a 100,000 RPM brushless motor with 125W of suction power and 24KPa vacuum.

Ten cone air duct optimization technology that creates multiple tornadoes at the same time to separate dust and air, prevent clogging of the filter and provide longer lasting suction.

The quadruple antibacterial protection system, including ionic antibacterial duct, silver ionic antibacterial roller brush, ionic antibacterial water tank, antibacterial rear filter, can achieve 99.99% bacteria removal rate.

In addition to the vacuum cleaner, it is also a mopper, the magnetic wet mop assembly is loaded and unloaded in one second, ready to mop.

The 1.65Kg lightweight design of the fuselage is light and easy to use, with a visual display that can display the remaining power, suction level, filter change reminder, full dust reminder.

For continuation, it uses 63Wh of power, high energy efficiency ratio and advanced BMS battery management technology, with a maximum of 65 minutes in standard mode, 30 minutes in enhanced gear and 10 minutes in powerful gear.

It also comes with electric mite removal brush, 2-in-1 soft bristle brush, long flat suction, wide flat suction and other tips, suitable for a variety of life cleaning scenarios.


Product Details

Features 1. Powerful, stable and long-lasting vacuuming and mite removal: the strongest 10 cone cyclone in China, maintaining long-lasting suction power Stronger performance and higher energy consumption ratio.

2、65 minutes long-lasting, deep-cleaning ultra-large household.

3, antibacterial suction and drag one: in the roller brush, air duct, cartridge to add triple silver ion antibacterial, prevent bacteria breeding, with a long vacuum cleaner mold and stink, more to avoid breeding germs with the exhaust out, harming the health of users and family; magnetic suction type suction and drag one, add healthy plant germicidal solution, vacuuming the floor at the same time healthy bacteria, kill children play area floor harmful germs, eliminate potential threats.

4. Real-time cleaning visualization, intuitive display of cleaning data, calculation of cleaning calorie consumption, analysis of cleaning score, linking with other Huawei smart living appliances in the home.
Specification Rated power: 385w
Suction power: 125w
Motor speed: 100000 rpm
Vacuum degree: 24kpa
Endurance: 65 / 30 / 10min
Battery capacity: 2500mah * 7
Operating weight: 2.7kg
Product size: 1191 * 259 * 221mm
Charging time: about 3.5 hours
Dust cup capacity: 0.65l
Low level noise: 72db


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