Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus

Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus

Brand: Hubsan
Category: Drones
  • 1: The flight endurance up to 35 minutes
  • 2: The gimbal is detachable
  • 3: 4K HD resolution
  • 4: Ambarella H22 Image Chip
  • 5: Built -in 3800 mah smart lithium battery

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Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus GPS Latest Syncleas 9KM FPV with 4K 60fps Camera 3-axis Gimbal 35mins Flight Time RC Drone

Although on a daily basis I am more connected with racing drones than drones for aerial photography, even I cannot pass by the new premiere of Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus.

Not so long ago I tested the previous version of Hubsan Zino Pro on my site and to be honest it wasn’t the quality I know from DJI drones, but for this price there is hardly any competition for Zino Pro on the market. It seems to me that it is currently the best drones of this type in the $500 – $800 range.

Despite many, really many satisfied users of Hubsan Zino or Zino 2 and great sales in Worldwide, Hubsan has not rested on its laurels and the premiere of its latest construction, Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus, will take place any day now.

Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus vs Hubsan Zino Pro

According to press releases, Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus will be faster, have greater range and longer battery life, which means that this model has been improved in almost every way. Hubsan writes about the 9km range, an improved camera that is able to record 4K videos at up to 60 frames per second. Among the positive design changes is, of course, the larger 4S battery with a capacity of 3800mAh, which will keep Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus in the air for more than 30 minutes in ideal windless conditions! At the same time I would have to change the battery in the race about 7 times.

Since we’re already at the race drones, it’s worth mentioning that another improvement I mentioned at the beginning is the increased top speed, which in Zino 2+ Plus was doubled from its previous version.

The manufacturer said that Zino Pro is able to fly at 10 m/s maximum. In fact, I reached a speed of about 8-9 m/sec, but this factor is especially influenced by the weather conditions, because flying with a strong wind you could probably reach those 10 m/sec without any problem, and even significantly exceed. Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus is supposed to fly at a maximum speed of even 20 m/sec, which is about 50 km/h.

What else do we know about Zino 2+ Plus?

The new Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus measures 32.6 x 26 x 9.49 mm and weighs almost 1 kg, or 915 grams to be precise. Unfortunately, it is heavier than its first version (Hubsan Zino), which is marked H117S. It is also four times bigger than the new DJI version, the Mavic Mini.

The design will continue to use a folding arm solution, and of course there will be a built-in GPS, but there are still no lower sensors implemented to maintain the height more precisely, which I wrote about in a review by Hubsan Zino Pro.

Finally, the camera uses a new and better Sony 1/2.3″ 12MP sensor with CMOS sensor and viewing angle up to 80°. As I mentioned earlier, thanks to this improvement we will be able to record 4K and 60 frames of video, but with a bitrate of even 100Mbps, which at least in theory guarantees that the video quality will be really good.

On the plus side, I definitely count another change in Zino 2+ Plus, which I mentioned in Zino Pro, namely the quality of workmanship and the lack of display in the controller. This time the controller has undergone some improvements and the most important information about flight time, distance from the ground, battery level and other parameters will be displayed on the built-in screen as was the case with Mavic Pro.

Hubsan Zino H117s vs Zino Pro vs Zino 2+ Plus

In a short summary the most important information that characterizes each of these models.

Hubsan Zino H117s Hubsan Zino Pro Hubsan Zino 2+ Plus
Dimensions: 304 x 252 x 90 Dimensions: 304 x 252 x 90 Dimensions: 326 x 260 x 95
Weight: 700 g Weight: 700 g Weight: 900 g
Recording: 4K 30FPS Recording: 4K 30FPS Recording: 4K 60FPS
Range: 1 km Range: 4 km Range: 6 km
Flight time: 23 min Flight time: 23 min Flight time: 35 min
Speed: 36 km/h Speed: 36 km/h Speed: 50 km/h


Product Details

Features - Syncleas. The latest high-definition digital image transmission. Image Transmission Range up to 9KM.
- 4K-60fps camera, support format, photo lossless output and time-lapse shooting
- 1/2.3 inch CMOS larger lens size, better low light effect
- 3-axis Mechanical Gimbal Enhance the drone stability and picture sharpness

- Support 4K @60fps video shooting with 100 Mbps bitrate for shooting clearer images.
- Ambarella H22 Image Chip
- Remote controller with digital display, visible in strong lights
- Built -in 3800 mah smart lithium battery, The flight endurance up to 35 minutes (windless).

- Ultra-long flight time to avoid spoil your pleasure when the battery suddenly runs out during shooting.

- Equipped with intelligent charger,supporting charge up to 5 batteries at the same time.
- Visual Landing Support. Easy and precise landing with one click.
- Optical Flow Positioning. Precise & smooth hover. Dual mode satellite positioning. Steady hover for outdoor and indoor.

- Update the latest firmware of aircraft and remote control online through App
- Negative film are downloaded directly via a wireless link
- The gimbal is detachable
- Support using the transmitter to control the drone DIRECTLY
- Detachable ND filter: Can be equipped with ND filter(ND4/ND8/ND16/ND32) (Purchase separately).
Specification Size: 32.60 x 26.00 x 9.49 cm
Weight (Propeller + battery): 929g
Motor: Brushless Motor
Maximum Take-off Altitude: 5000m
Max Flying Time: 35mins (windless)
Max Hovering Time: 32mins (windless)
Max. Endurance Mileage: 20km (50km/h windless cruising)
Wind Resistance: 5-level
Max. Tiltable Angle: 25 degrees (normal mode);
35 degrees (sports mode)
Max. Rotational Speed: 150 degrees/s
Max Flying Speed: Movie mode: 1m/s
Normal mode: 12m/s
Sport mode: 20m/s
Max Ascent Speed Normal mode: 3m/s
Sport mode: 5m/s
Max Descent Speed: Normal mode: 2m/s
Sport mode: 3m/s
Working Temperature: -10 Deg.C - 40 Deg.C
Working Frequency: 5.725 - 5.850 GHz
Positioning: GPS + GLONASS

Image Sensor: 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor
View Angle: 80°
Equivalent Focal Length: 24-48mm
Aperture: F/2.2 TTL 23 mm
ISO Range: Photography: 100-1600 (automatic); 100-3200 (manual)
Video: 100-3200 (automatic); 100-3200 (manual)
Shutter Speed: 1/8000 - 1/30

Controllable Rotation Range: Pitch -90 degrees to 0 degrees
Stability System: 3-axis gimbal
Maximum Control Speed (Pitch): 100°/s
Angle jitter: ±0.01°

Image Transmission System: SYNCLEAS
Distance: 9KM
Transmission power (EIRP): <=26dbm
Band: 5.725-5.850 GHz

Capacity: 3800 mAh
Nominal Voltage: 17.4V (4S)
Charging Limit Voltage: 17.6V
Battery Type: intelligent lithium battery, accurate calculation of battery power,
ensure the safety of battery life
Energy: 66.12Wh
Weight: 310 g
Charging Environment Temperature: -10 Deg.C- 40 Deg.C
Maximum Charging Power: 52.2W


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  1. Tátrai Zsolt

    Zino 2 + maximum speed

    It is written that the Zino 2+ has a maximum speed of 20m/s, which is about 50km/h. How did this come out? What unit of measure with converter? 1m/s to 3,6km/h. Multiplying this 3,6km/h by 20 gives a speed of 72km/h. If we change the speed to 20m/s to mph, it will be 44mi/h.

    The weight is not 900gr. From the base 925gr. The value specified by the manufacturer is 929gr.

    And the maximum range is not 6km. Specified for 9km by the manufacturer.

    These are the errors, the spellings in the table at the end of the article.

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