Roborock T7S Plus

Roborock T7S Plus

Brand: Roborock
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Sonic vibration wipes the floor
  • 2: RR mason 8.0
  • 3: AI structured light obstacle avoidance
  • 4: ALLwinner Quad Core CPU
  • 5: 2 in 1 sweeping and mopping

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 10 / 10
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Roborock T7S Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Fortunately, I got the new product Roborock T7S Plus at the first time. From the naming logic of the product, this sweeping robot is deliberately named as “mopping”, so we can guess that this product is bound to surprise users in mopping.

Of course, this is only our initial guess, what is the difference between a sweeping robot and a sweeping and mopping robot, and can the T7S Plus meet the mopping needs of users in their daily lives? This obviously deserves attention.

Overall, the Roborock T7S Plus is very similar to its predecessors, still following the structure of the round cake + mushroom head. As for the color scheme of the product, it chooses a stylish and simple white + black color scheme, in which the body is lucite white and the chassis is black, so it can be placed anywhere in the home at will to blend in well with the surrounding environment.

To determine whether the sweeping robot is artificial intelligence or artificial intellectual disability? There is a key indicator, that is, the ability of the sweeping robot obstacle avoidance, manufacturers now use more active obstacle avoidance technology there are two, one is visual recognition obstacle avoidance, the other is laser or structured light-based obstacle avoidance.

The T7S Plus uses 3D dual-line structured light + AI obstacle avoidance strategy, 3D dual-line structured light active distance measurement, integration of multi-sensors and AI algorithm, so that it can take the correct obstacle avoidance strategy to bring users a more intelligent experience.

We have also seen its raised laser head pressure sensor on the top and the dual laser emitters on the left and right at the front. Their core claim is that based on the triangulation method, the distance and size of obstacles can be calculated by calculating the position and size of each pixel of the corresponding imaging spot in the photographed pattern, thus achieving millimeter-level high-precision obstacle avoidance with the help of dual-line structured light instead of traditional infrared light sources.

According to the official description, it is a dust box with a large capacity of 470ml, which can be cleaned once every two weeks if there are no special circumstances.

The bottom part is still familiar, including the detachable main brush and up and down retractable roller, as well as guide wheels, side brushes and other parts. Of course, excellent design is always “common” with “personality”. The main reason for choosing TPU material is that it is more wear-resistant and oil-resistant, and the hairs are not easily tangled.

As the core component of the floor cleaning module of the sweeping robot, the floor cleaning module of Roborock T7S Plus applies independent brushless motor for the first time, which can integrate three key functions of peristaltic pump water spraying, vibrating floor cleaning and liftable mopping board, and the innovative design is the key to achieving excellent quality.

Compared to most floor sweepers on the market, the vibration frequency of the vibration module is relatively low, the T7S Plus directly increases the vibration frequency to 3000 times per minute by driving the mop with a high-performance brushless motor, which can effectively disintegrate ground stains and improve cleaning efficiency.

In addition, it is also the first in the industry to achieve a combination of liftable mop and vibration wiping structure design, which determines the T7S Plus in a variety of working conditions can be fully automatic lift mode switch.

For example, Roborock T7S Plus has found the perfect solution to the carpet cleaning problem that has been plaguing the sweeping robot industry. It is understood that it can accurately identify the carpet before the robot walks on the carpet through the ultrasonic recognition sensor, and then it can automatically raise the wiping module to booster the carpet after encountering the carpet during the sweeping and mopping process through the fully automatic lifting wiping module. If you do not want to let the sweeping robot on the carpet, you can also use the carpet avoidance mode

It should be noted that compared to its predecessor, the T7S Plus incorporates the new RR masonTM 8.0 3D algorithm system, which upgrades the core indicators of map building, planning, and extrication, and specifically optimizes the path planning for carpet and floor scrubbing scenes, and also supports a hundred kinds of pan-object recognition and obstacle avoidance.


Product Details

Features The Roborock T7S Plus is a 2021 Red Dot Design Award-winning sweeper with the world's first intelligent elevated high-frequency sonic vibration scrubbing module "VibraRise", an omnidirectional floating rubber brush that conforms more closely to the floor when sweeping, AI structured light Reactive 3D high-precision obstacle avoidance, RR mason™ 8.0 3D algorithm system, and consumable-free automatic dust collection. The T7S Plus has improved its sweeping and mopping performance, making home floor cleaning even more effortless.
Specification Brand: Roborock
Model: T7S Plus
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Dust Box Capacity: 480ml
Water Tank Capacity: 140ml
Suction: 2500pa
Noise: 58dB
Powe: 58W
Voltage: 14.4V
Working Time: 150mins
Operation Range: about 3-4h
Remote Control: Yes
Schedule Function: Yes
Self Recharging: Yes
Climb Capability: 2cm
Cleaning Modes: SLAM, Automatic Route Planning
Cleaning Area: 250m²
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh


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