Xiaomi KJ800F-X7S(M)

Xiaomi KJ800F-X7S(M)

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Dust Box Capacity 0.8L
  • 2: Noise ≤63dB
  • 3: Ozone ≤10PPB
  • 4: Rated Frequency 50Hz
  • 5: Rated Power 110W

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Xiaomi KJ800F-X7S(M) Air Purifier Mijia APP Remote Control Xiaoai Voice Control Automatic Running Perception Formaldehyde PM2.5

The Xiaomi KJ800F-X7S (M) air purifier uses a unique TPA high energy ion field + high activity catalytic factor technology, formaldehyde is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide through the ion field of 2-4 million volts. After passing through a highly active catalytic network, it is first adsorbed by activated carbon, and then the catalytic factor decomposes the formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide. Under the dual action, the formaldehyde CADR value is as high as 537m3/h, which is much higher than the national standard limit of 400m3/h.

Xiaomi KJ800F-X7S(M)

In addition, the CADR value of the particulate matter also reaches 800m3/h, and it is not necessary to filter PM2.5 and dust mite pollen. Because the Xiaomi KJ800F-X7S(M) air purifier adopts the purification principle of decomposition rather than adsorption, it does not need consumables, does not need to replace the filter element, saves the cost of consumables, and avoids secondary pollution of the filter element. The minimum noise is 39 decibels, and you can sleep comfortably.

Xiaomi KJ800F-X7S(M)

Although the TPA ion field technology used by the KJ800F-X7S(M) is very novel, in fact, they have already launched similar products a few years ago. After several years of technical iterative updates to improve some of the shortcomings of the previous generation, the KJ800F-X7S(M) is quite mature and has advantages over traditional HEPA filter air purifiers. You can buy according to your own economic situation and usage needs.


Product Details

Features CADR Formaldehyde 537m3/h: CADR formaldehyde 537m3/h breaks the national standard upper limit, 5 minutes, the whole house air can be recycled once, and 10 times over standard formaldehyde is reduced to a safe concentration.
The high precision formaldehyde sensor can sense the state of formaldehyde in real time and reflect the current concentration of formaldehyde in real time.
The source of pollution in the home is not only formaldehyde, but also many other harmful thing. Such as: Formaldehyde; TVOC; PM2.5; Secondhand smoke; Dust mites pollen; Pet odor.
No consumables, no need to change the filter.
The air intake mode on both sides is adopted, and the air inlet area at the top is enlarged at the same time, and the low wind resistance power system makes the entire air passage very transparent.
The color of the light belt conveys different air levels, reminding the elderly to open the purifier and cultivate the child's air level awareness.
Intelligent non-consumable air purifier, three intelligent controls.( Mijia APP remote control; Xiaoai voice control; Automatic running )
Specification Brand: Xiaomi
Model: KJ800F-X7S(M)

Dust Box Capacity 0.8L
Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Power 110W
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Noise ≤63dB
CADR Particulate Matter 800m³/h
CADR Formaldehyde 400m³/h
CADR Particulate Matter P4
CADR Formaldehyde F4
Ozone ≤10PPB


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