XIAOMI Mijia SJL4014GL DLP Projector

XIAOMI Mijia SJL4014GL DLP Projector

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Projector
  • 1: CPU: Amlogic T968-H
  • 2: RAM: 2GB DDR3
  • 3: ROM: Built-in 8GB eMMC high-speed flash
  • 4: Operating System: MIUI TV
  • 5: 1080P full HD restores the picture color

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XIAOMI Mijia SJL4014GL DLP Projector

During the holidays, many people will choose to watch movies, but when watching movies in the cinema, they will often be affected by the mobile phone ringtones, whispering, and children crying. Watching a movie on a mobile phone at home can greatly reduce the overall viewing experience because the screen is too small and there is a lack of substitution. Try the MIjia SJL4014GL DLP projector, which is compact and easy to carry and hold, with HD projections combined with two-channel surround stereo sound to create a sense of substitution. You can enjoy the big screen without leaving the house.

The projector supports 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution and is more upwards compatible with 4K resolution playback. The four-channel LED RGB + BP can improve the brightness by more than 20%, which makes the picture sharpness better. It uses HDR10 high dynamic range video decoding, making the picture more detailed.

In order to ensure a good viewing experience, we usually choose a dark environment for the show. But in the dark environment for a long time, the eyes are likely to dry, astringent and other conditions. The Mijia projector can solve these problems to some extent. It adopts the diffuse reflection principle to image, and the projected light enters the human eye through the diffuse reflection, so it is not easy to produce eye fatigue.

Fear of small space, can’t see the big picture? It doesn’t matter, the projector has a projection ratio of 1.2: 1 for Chinese families. By adjusting the distance, you can easily project 40-200 inches of playback area. Just a wall, games, movies, concerts, to accompany you through the leisure time.

The light has the good picture how to do, the good vision must match the sound of course. The XIAOMI Mijia SJL4014GL DLP Projector uses custom designed box volumes and matching caliber. The low frequency dive can be as low as 90Hz, giving the sound a more hierarchical feel. Dual-channel virtual surround stereo, carefully tuned by acoustics masters, supports Dolby and DTS decoding, allowing users to experience high-definition images while being wrapped in hierarchical sound, bringing both sound and image shock.

The projector can also be turned into a Bluetooth speaker, playing songs over Wi-Fi, or linking your phone to a music library on your computer to keep vivid music around. With the efficient and intelligent heat dissipation system, the temperature of LED light source and motherboard can be detected, and the fan speed can be adjusted according to this. Guarantee the safety of products, but also reduce the noise generated by the fan.

The projector, with a height of only 15cm and a net weight of 1.3 kg, is as heavy as a modern Chinese dictionary and can be easily removed with one hand for easy carrying. And the three-dimensional fuselage with fabric material is exquisite and beautiful, no matter where it is placed, it is a work of art, bringing you visual enjoyment everywhere.


Product Details

Features HDR 10 video decoding, higher and wider color gamut
1080P full HD restores the picture color
Turn on the camera to autofocus
Intelligent cooling system, silent fan control
Dolby sound, acoustic expert tuning customization
Large sound cavity, low-frequency dive to 90Hz
2.4G / 5G dual-band Wi-Fi, dual-channel viewing is not stuck
Fully sealed optical system to prevent dust from entering and effectively extend the life of the optical machine
RGB + BP four-channel optical, the brightness is increased by more than 20 percent compared with the three channels
AI voice remote control, convenient operation
3D effects need to be achieved with DLP-LINK 3D glasses
Specification CPU: Amlogic T968-H
ROM: Built-in 8GB eMMC high-speed flash
Operating System: MIUI TV
Language: Global Version

Brand: Mijia
Model: SJL4014GL
Material: ABS
Display type: DLP
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Resolution Support: 4K
Brightness: 500ANSI
Contrast Ratio: 1200:1
Throw Ration: 1.2:1
Projection Distance: 1 to 4 m
Image Size: 40 - 200 inch
Image Scale: 16:9,4:3
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / 4:3
Features: 1080P
Function: 3D, Bluetooth,Speaker,WiFi

Lamp: LED
Lamp Power: 65W
Lamp Life: 30000H
bluetooth: Support
Picture Formats: JPG / PNG / BMP
Video Formats: MPG / AV / TS / MOV / MKV / DAT / MP4 / VOB
Audio Formats: MP3 / WMA / AAC / AC3
Power Supply: 19V/5A
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Noise (dB): less than 30dB
DVB-T Supported: No
External Subtitle Supported: No
3D: Yes
Other Features: HDR support
Application: Business,Entertainment,Home


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