Xiaomi Mi Surface

Xiaomi Mi Surface

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Tablet PC
  • CPU: AMD Free-Sync
  • RAM+ROM: 3440×1440 ultra-clear resolution
  • OS: High brightness
  • Display: 1500R large curvature surrounded visual field
  • Battery: 21:9 wide panoramic view

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Xiaomi Mi Surface – A 34-inch Computer Gaming Monitor With WHQD SCREEN IN 144Hz

Strong point of this Xiaomi Mi Surface offer, its price since the brand starts today the distribution of this model with an attractive price of 1999 yuan or about $300. As is often the case with the brand, this price will then rise to 2499 yuan or around $350 public price before fluctuating in prices between the two.

The price of $300 is attractive for this Xiaomi Mi Surface, unfortunately it is very likely that this price is reserved for individuals. The brand is often able to sell several million units of a product in a few days on its local market. Before delivering the orders to the professionals in a second time, and at a higher price. It is therefore possible that the screen may eventually reach traditional export shops, but it is unlikely to be offered at the same price as the promotional offer.

But even at a higher price, the Xiaomi Mi Surface has its advantages. Its curved VA slab should offer good viewing angles and a beautiful definition of 3440 x 1440 pixels in 21:9. The slab will provide 144 Hz cooling and Freesync compatibility. No detailed information on the contrast or brightness of the machine. The brand promises a colorimetric profile corresponding to 121% of the sRGB space. The reactivity of the screen should also be very correct with 4 ms of Grey to Grey refresh time.

The Xiaomi Mi Surface uses a Samsung slab with a classic 1500R curvature. The upper and lateral edges of the screen are tiny with a thickness of about 2 mm. The lower part is a little thicker. The advantage of this solution is to offer the user the possibility of combining several screens by proposing a minimalist separation between each. With 2 mm for each screen, this makes 4 mm of separation every 3440 pixels. The foot will allow height adjustment and rotation of the display on the sides.

No info on the rest of the configuration yet. It is not known which ports will be used. It is possible that a mix between HDMI and DisplayPort is chosen but a 100% DisplayPort solution can also be used to avoid paying the royalties inherent in the HDMI standard. No information on whether or not there is audio management, through a pair of speakers or an integrated jack.

A screen 24″ is also announced in addition to the Xiaomi Mi Surface. It will be called Xiaomi Mi Display and will be more classic. 23.8″ diagonal slab, 1920 x 1080 FullHD classic definition, it promises viewing angles of 178°. It will be able to turn from left to right but not adjust in height. Its price? 699 Yuans or about $99.


Product Details

Features 21:9 wide panoramic view. The 21:9 format of the game interface is 30% wider than the average 16:9 screen player's field of view, especially in RTS and FPS games, the field of vision is extremely wide.
Ultra clear image with clear details. 3440×1440 ultra-clear resolution, every corner of the scene can be realistic and delicate, and the game world is spectacular and exquisite.
High brightness, high contrast, and vivid picture quality. The display brightness is up to 300 nits, with a high contrast ratio of 3000:1, the game screen is from bright white to deep black, clear and beautiful, vivid and vivid.
1500R large curvature surrounded visual field, gives you an immersive experience. The 1500R's extremely large curvature design, the line of sight is surrounded by the screen, showing a panoramic view of the overall immersion; the curved screen has a smaller visual tilt angle, and the eyes are almost equidistant, reducing visual distortion, fully restore the true Horizons of each corner.
144Hz high refresh rate, fast responses, every action is faster. 144Hz high refresh rate, 4ms response time, effectively reduce game picture stagnation and smear. Shooting games that require quick response are more likely to lock the target and hit the enemy with precisions.
AMD Free-Sync, the picture is smooth, not stuck, not tearing. AMD Free-Sync technology can consistently match the screen display at high frame rate input, reducing problems such as stucking or tearing during game play, improving visual fluency and greatly enhancing player competitiveness.
Specification Brand XIAOMI
Resolution: 3440*1440
Display ratio: 21:9
Screen curvature: 1500R
Refresh rate: 144Hz
Response time: 4ms
Color gamut: 85% NTSC
Color: 16.7 million
Contrast: 3000:1
Brightness: 300cd/m2
single window;
left and right split screen;
picture in picture mode
2*HDMI 2.0
2*DP1.4 interface
1*AUDIO interface
1*AC IN power cord interface


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