Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale

Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Concealed HD LED Display
  • 2: 10 Body Stats
  • 3: BIA Technology
  • 4: 4 Pressure Sensors
  • 5: Get More Experience from APP

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YUNMAI Mini 2 Balance Smart Body Fat Scale from Xiaomi

Xiaomi under its product line YUNMAI, is responsible for creating products dedicated to sports and in general to the health of people, such as Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply, with them, and with most of their products, has achieved great success thanks to its excellent quality and great results, and to add one more product to your list of successes in the YUNMAI line we have the new Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale, with which you can not only detect your weight but up to 10 physical indexes, such as the IMC, BMRand the bone mass, among many others, know all the percentages of your body composition and thus fully understand your health, since health is the best gift. Definitely YUNMAI spent three years of great efforts just to make excellent products, discover here the characteristics of this incredible scale.

Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale

The Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale has a size of 26 centimeters high, 26 centimeters long and 2.60 centimeters thick and a total weight of 1,200 kilograms. Built with the most advanced technologies in the industry such as ABS material(acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) which is a plastic very resistant to impact, the manufacture of this plastic is much more complex than the other plastics used for construction being the most resistant of its category and has high quality materials throughout its composition, as tempered glass on its surface which guarantees its durability and high quality 304 stainless steel located on the electrode sensor, this maintains sensitivity and remarkable performance.

At the same time, since it has good resistance to oxidation, it is designed for prolonged use and wet feet are also acceptable.

With delicate details and a fine design, the touch on the Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale feels soft and pleasant thanks to the compact Mini size with the non-slip white tempered glass plate. You can acquire the Scale in its elegant presentations of white, black and gray colors.

The scale Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 features screen LED of 3.3 inches hidden carefully, creating an elegant and harmonious look with a proper size screen, this screen LED HD allows clear data reading while standing.

With Step-on technology you will not have to manually touch or turn on a switch to use the scale, when standing on top of the Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale, it will make an instant reading providing the data that will allow you to know yourself better through of the bodily statistics it provides.

The Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale not only detects ten body data, but also scores the body condition in real time and generates the data summaries, offering people the opportunity to know all the percentages of their body composition and thus understand thoroughly your health.

The Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale has an intelligent identification system with which you can identify multiple users according to the registered information, so you can add your family members to the application and 4 high precision sensors ensure a measurement and more consistent data analysis.

In addition, the Scale has an additional Bluetooth link function . The Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale can be for domestic use, however, it is professional in body management, so it will be the best company when monitoring your physical indexes.

The Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale uses BIA technology (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) which allows you to easily calculate your physical body status by imputing information on gender, height, age, activity level and weight. With bare feet, this technology sends a low-level electrical signal through body fat through the sensors and then measures the resistance of the signal. This signal is perfectly safe and you will not feel, in addition to accurately measuring your weight, it is responsible for accurately measuring the 10 physical indices named above.

What is the Body Mass Index ( BMI )?

The BMI is closely related to the total body fat index, in this index two factors, the weight and height factor are considered. The BMI is simple and practical, this may reflect systemic overweight and obesity.

APP Control

The Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale offers you secure storage of your data in the cloud with anti-loss settings, which can allow you to analyze the body index in the long term and on a family scale. You can add a number of users to your application and monitor your health data remotely, as well as that of other users registered in the smart identification system.

You can download the YUNMAI HAOQING application from the Scale by scanning the QR code that is located in the user manual in English, this will give you the professional fitness plan, diet plan according to your health status and your objective.

Once the previous registration, the body measurements will be sent instantly to your smartphone whenever you are on top of the Scale , which facilitates the monitoring of weight loss and the progress of your health. The application connects its corporate metrics in real time to a world of data graphics, social exchange and monitoring of physical status.

Instead of local data, the Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale and the YUNMAI Health Data Cloud (their storage in the cloud) are combined so that each of the measured data matches and is repeatedly verified with the human characteristics of millions of people in the cloud to obtain more precise results, keeping your data safe and confidential at the same time. Let the app record and share all the feats with you, automatically updating body data to produce data reports, allowing people to track training achievements at any time.


It has a central chip which is critical to make an excellent scale. By applying the BM chip , the Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale uses high-precision multi-frequency body fat measurement instead of the traditional measurement of body fat to detect the electrical impedance of the biological tissue. By testing different cells, body composition is detected more accurately than ever before. For a better user experience, it produces the 10 body data (physical indices) at the same time.

In order to offer you an uninterrupted experience, the Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale uses the TI Bluetooth 4.0 chip With low power consumption therefore no need to turn on and off, you can automatically connect as soon as you open the HAOQING app and bring the phone closer to the scale.


The Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale is powered by 3 dry alkaline AA batteries (not included), long lasting and can be used for a whole year due to the low power consumption of the Scale.


Product Details

Features ●Concealed HD LED Display
Concealed HD LED display, it creates an elegant and harmonious appearance with appropriate clear reading only when you step on the scale would the data be displayed
●10 Body Stats
Collecting 10 physical indexes, you can know all the percentage of your body composition: body weight, body fat, BMI, basal metabolism rate ( BMR ), muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat, physical age, protein, moisture mass
●BIA Technology
Utilizing the latest BIA technology, the electric current is sent through the body via the scale sensors to accurately estimate your body's stats
●4 Pressure Sensors
4 high-precision sensors of this body fat scale ensure consistent and accurate measurement, the scale can withstand 150kg with graduation increments of 0.1kg
●Get More Experience from APP
The APP will give you the professional fitness scheme, diet plan according to your health condition and your goal
●Intelligent Identification - multiple users
The scale can identify multiples users according to the recorded information, so you can add your family members to the APP
●Step-on Technology
No more tapping or turning on a switch to use the scale. Just step on the scale and then you get an instant readout
• Cloud data storage and anti-lost setting, give you a long-term body index analysis
• Powered by 3 x AA battery ( not included ), long lasting for a year, low power consumption
• Weighing range: 3 - 150kg
• You can download the App by scanning QR code in the English user manual
Specification Brand: YUNMAI
Category: Body fat weigh

body datas: Basal metabolism rate,BMI,Body fat,Body weight,Bone Mass,Moisture mass,Muscle Mass,Physical Age,Protein,Visceral fat level
Shape: Rectangula
Material: ABS,Glass
Battery Capacity: AA alkaline dry battery
Display mode: LED
Power (W): 4.5W
Voltage (V): 4.5V / 1.5V
Occasion: Bedroom,Portable
Drive Type: Electronics
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
Weighing Range: 3 - 150kg
Minimum Precision: 0.1 - 0.3kg
Unit: kg
Applicable Groups: Female,Man
Characteristic: Concealed HD LED Display
Additional Function: Bluetooth link,BMI,Intelligent analysis

Product weight: 1.2000 kg
Package weight: 1.5600 kg
Product Dimension: 26.00 x 26.00 x 2.60 cm / 10.24 x 10.24 x 1.02 inches
Package Dimension: 29.40 x 28.10 x 3.80 cm / 11.57 x 11.06 x 1.5 inches


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