Formovie Fengmi R1

Formovie Fengmi R1

Brand: Fengmi
Category: Projector
  • 1: 1600ANSI Lumens
  • 2: 200-Inch Screen
  • 3: CPU: MTK MT9669
  • 4: RAM:3GB DDR4
  • 5: ROM:16GB EMMC

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Formovie Fengmi I R1 UST 4K Laser Projector

Preface: laser + ultra short focus only 1500 USD, ultra short focus projection, image quality upgrade

For users seeking a large screen, a projector is definitely the best choice compared to a traditional TV, both in terms of price and portability.

At the same size, projectors without a screen are often several times cheaper than TVs, so you can get the shock and immersion of giant screen viewing without spending too much money. If you have the need to move your viewing area frequently, an easy-to-carry projector is definitely the first choice, lightweight enough that you don’t have to worry about damaging your screen when you move it, and even small enough that your backpack can easily take it away.

Traditional projectors have gone through years of iterations, but their core upgrades are just two points, one is the light source, the second is the projection ratio.

The light source is actually similar to the screen panel of a TV, and the picture quality of the projector is closely related. Among the three light sources currently used in projectors: bulbs, LED lights and lasers, lasers are the most perfect choice for comprehensive picture effects, brightness and longevity.

The projection ratio is a matter of daily projector use. The traditional telephoto projector (projection ratio 1.2:1) can project 100 inches at a distance of at least 2.5 meters, without the pain of being blocked; while the ultra-short focal length can project a 100-inch image by simply placing it near the wall, making the placement and wiring equipment more flexible.

Laser + ultra short focal length, is currently the most perfect combination of consumer projection, 4K laser TV both laser and ultra short focal length of the excellent design, basically monopolizing the high-end market of home projection.

In the ultra-short focus projection, the use of laser light source is only expensive high-end products on sale. As a Xiaomi eco-chain company, Fengmi Technology has taken up the responsibility of popularizing laser + ultra-short focal length.

Combined with the mature technology experience of Everlight Technology, which holds the patent of ALPD laser technology, Fengmi has launched a more cost-effective laser + ultra-short focal length product, Fengmi R1 ultra-short focal length laser projector, with 1080P resolution and more attractive price.

With the two high-end technologies of laser light source and ultra short focal length, the Fengmi R1 ultra short focal length laser projector shows extraordinary quality in its class. Not only does it have a brightness of 1600 ANSI lumens, but the image quality, contrast, and color are all better than the average projector.

In addition, it is equipped with a high-end chip MediaTek MT9669, a quad-core A73 architecture that supports up to 4K 120Hz image output, which is more than enough for the Fengmi R1 ultra-short-throw laser projector. But the biggest point of this chip is the image quality processing, for example, it is equipped with the latest MediaTek image quality AI algorithm, which can be adjusted according to the scene; in addition, it also supports MEMC motion interpolation technology, which can provide a smoother picture display.

Good chip + good display technology, Fengmi R1 ultra-short focus laser projector for traditional ultra-short focus projector can be described as a descending blow, just by the laser light source this point can kill the same class competitors, also known as “space master”, any change in the home scene, you can enjoy the movie theater-like viewing experience.

Technical Analysis: Laser light source solves brightness problems, ultra-short focal length achieves large screen freedom

Compared with traditional projectors, the Fengmi R1 ultra-short focal length laser projector has two major technical features. The first is the use of the latest ultra-short focal length design, more flexible and free in the form of projection. In addition, it is the first to introduce laser light source into the civilian price of ultra-short focal length projector, which is a downgrade to a number of traditional projection products, and the image quality is unique in the same price range, completely killing the competition.

The super short focal length projector design can be said to solve a major pain point of the traditional long focal length projector in the past, that is, the projector for its use of the environment more demanding requirements. The traditional projector in the high projection ratio, want to project a 100-inch screen, then the distance often need to be more than 2.5 meters.

However, not everyone’s room is specifically tailored for projection, the average person’s home is difficult to have a location and distance are suitable for the golden position to ensure the correct projection of the picture.

Generally speaking, to properly place the projection at a distance of more than 2.5 meters, the help of various stands and bookcases is often indispensable. In addition, let the projector fly the wall, not to mention the tedium of alignment. The vast space between the projector and the screen, but also pay attention to the people, objects blocking the problem, may not pay attention to block a large picture, so that the viewing of the large screen when the hard-won immersion is greatly reduced.

The latest ultra-short focal length projection is more flexible in terms of placement, and can be said to have finally overcome the demanding requirements of projection for location.

Under the ultra short focus, the projection distance of 100 inch screen is often within half a meter, that is, it can perfectly adapt to the depth of various desks. The projection can be placed on the table against the wall, and the various types of furniture already in the home can easily handle it, saving the trouble of additional decoration adjustments. It is also more convenient to lay out the alignment, and you no longer have to worry about blocking the very small projection space. When watching a movie, people around you can move around freely without worrying about the blocking of the picture.

UI and resources: the original FengOS intelligent system

The Fengmi R1 ultra-short-throw laser projector is equipped with its own FengOS intelligent system, which opens up without any ad interference and leads directly to the pure system interface.

The UI layout of the home page is different from the common waterfall, FengOS directly displays the video resources in one place, without the interference of other windows like input source selection, application interface, etc.


The Fengmi R1 ultra-short-throw laser projector offers a unique laser + ultra-short-throw solution in the mid-range price range, and it is without a doubt the best choice for the pursuit of high quality ultra-short-throw projection in the civilian price range today.

With a resolution of 1080P, the loss of detail at 100″ projection, at normal viewing distances can be minimal. In addition, it has a high-end MediaTek chip, AI screen optimization, motion complementary frame, 3GB + 16GB of memory and many other advantages added to the picture quality and experience are impeccable.

If you are still picking a projector, then don’t hesitate, ultra-short focal length projection is definitely the most convenient choice for daily use, and if your requirements for picture quality are also very demanding, then this combination of ultra-short focal length and laser light source ultra-short focal length laser projector is definitely your best choice.


Product Details

Features - Standard resolution: 1080P
- Light source technology: ALPD
- Gamut: 110% ReC.709
- Contrast ratio: 3000:1
Specification Projection ratio (TR): 0.33:1
Projectable size: 50-200''
Motion Compensation: Support
Far field voice: support
Lens Focus: Electric Focus
Trapezoid correction: eight-point correction
OS: FengOS/Android
Android Systme: Android P
WiFi: 802.11ac.2.4G/5G 2T2R
Bluetooth: BT5.0
Smart home: support Mijia
Sound effects: DTS-HD, Dolby audio
Speaker power: 2x10W
Power input: 19V/7.9A
Safe eye protection: human sensing detection
Laser safety level: CLASS 2
Remote control: Bluetooth voice remote control
Product size: 304*304*99mm
Product weight: 3.9kg
Product color: silver grey
Total power consumption: <150.1W
Standby power consumption: <0.5W


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