Products by Fengmi

Fengmi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading ALPD laser display technology standard demonstration enterprise. Founded in 2016, it is the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company jointly established by Guangfeng Optoelectronics and Xiaomi Technology.

The company’s first product, “Mijia Laser Projection TV 150”, was completed in less than 24 hours on the Xiaomi network crowdfunding, completing the amount of 20,547,946 yuan, creating the “fastest breaking million crowdfunding project” and “the most Quickly break 20 million crowdfunding projects, “the highest crowdfunding amount” and “the highest amount of one-day crowdfunding” and many other millet-based crowdfunding platform records.

The new product “WEMAX ONE Laser Projection TV” of Fengmi Technology in the domestic market adopts the latest 3.0 laser light source technology and TI DLP digital light processing technology of Guangfeng ALPD. The true color reproduction capability is several times that of the traditional projector 3000:1. Contrast (non-dynamic contrast) allows viewers to find more detail while enjoying the image, 16%-18% closer to the real world red ratio, rich and colorful. Ultra-short-focus lens design, free to adjust the screen size according to the wall area of ​​the home, projecting 80-150 inches of large screen at close range, eliminating the trouble of wiring, measuring color brightness 1688 ANSI lumens @100% CLO (RGB), theater In the environment, even to 150 inches, it can exceed 12FL, comparable to the cinema standard. The software built-in Xiaomi TV has the same content source, and it doesn’t have to go to the cinema. It can also make you open your eyes and enjoy yourself. It presents the shocking and sensory experience of “going home to watch the big show”.

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