Viomi V-RVCLM21B robot mop vacuum cleaner – alternative to Roborock S50?

Viomi V-RVCLM21B or Viomi V2, as it is in the offer of Chinese stores, is part of the new generation of robot aspirators of the Chinese manufacturer. About the first generation, I also wrote a blog in a previous article, but with this model Viomi wants to join the big league with Roborock, being a premium robot vacuum cleaner. For those who do not know, Viomi is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, which generally produces household appliances such as refrigerators, air purifiers and other products of this kind.

In the past few months, Xiaomi has released quite a few models with similar specifications (some of them have written on the blog), and they seem to be starting to get between them. For example, they launched Roborock S6, the successor to the first generation of the mop vacuum cleaner robot (S50 / S55) that does not bring a lot of news but costs a little more than the first generation. Mijia 1S, another vacuum cleaner that is almost identical to Mijia’s first generation (mop-free model), also comes with almost nothing new. Let’s hope Xiaomi knows what he’s doing.

It uses the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping algorithm (SLAM), which scans 360-degree real-time and “visualizes” the interior of the house to determine the optimum workspace cleaning path.

Can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high and 15 degree slopes. From the application it can be set to clean or just avoid a certain area in the room. The suction power is 2150 pa, which is higher than the Roborock S50. It has both vessels (dust and water) higher than those in Roborock, and this translates into rarer maintenance. Surprisingly, although the battery has a lower capacity than the one at Roborock, its autonomy increases by half an hour.

As I have also said in the title, the Viomi V-RVCLM21B is competing and I think it can be seen as an alternative to the Roborock S50. If we take the specifications, it should be a better vacuum than Roborock, but more affordable. It does not bring anything new or innovative, but diversity is welcome, especially when it comes to models like this or the BlitzWolf BW-VC1. I do not know if he will enjoy Roborock’s success, that remains to be seen.