KOSPET PRIME is the Biggest Battery Capacity and the First Smartwatch in The World with Face ID

Battery life has always been a nightmare for smart wearable devices. Most of the products need charging every day, which makes people complain incessantly. The current Amazfit GTR has a long life, but its functions are standard, and there is nothing special that makes it stand out. My preference, however, is a more sporty style, so I bought this KOSPET Prime sports watch.

√ The World’s Largest Battery Capacity for Android Watches
√ The World’s First 1.6″ Full-screen Watch
√ The World’s First Watch with Face ID
√ The World’s First All-in-one Dual Camera

1260 mAh Battery: The World’s Most Long-lasting Smartwatch

KOSPET has been researching to make a breakthrough in the battery life of Android watches. The KOSPET Prime is equipped with a 1260 mAh battery, whose capacity is nearly 40% higher than other smartwatches on the market. It is a qualitative leap in terms of battery life.

The following are my tests:

The KOSPET Prime can run GPS for more than 6 hours, making it the best choice for marathon runners. Users can also speak on the phone for up to about 8 hours. The battery can last for about 55 hours on a full charge when continually worn and connected to a mobile phone, with heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring on, message reminders enabled, and the user carrying out light daily exercise (e.g., a few laps in the swimming pool after a meal).

According to official data, the battery can last up to seven days under extreme conditions (disabling all of the above functions and only keeping the most basic display effect and reminders working).

1.6-inch IPS Super Retina Display Screen

KOSPET Prime uses a third-generation ceramic case. Both the texture and color permeability make the watch appear high-end. At the same time, it is equipped with a 1.6″ super retina circular display screen, which is unique in the market. The KOSPET Prime has a 13% larger display area when compared with other smartwatches with the same dial diameter.

And the screen is big enough for displaying content on third-party applications. For example, most 1.3″ displays are incredibly inconvenient and very likely to be mistakenly touched. In comparison, the 1.6″ Prime won’t cause any trouble when it comes to accidental touches.

Secondly, for ordinary people, watches with a 1.3″ display are too small and ordinary, while a 2.0″ screen is too big and bulky to wear. A 1.6″ display is the most suitable size for men. Additionally, the IPS full-view display ensures that the screen can be easily seen from all angles, thereby providing maximum visual impact.

The resolution of the KOSPET Prime display is 400×400, and the pixel density is 354 PPI, which is more satisfying than the 326 PPI standard of a Retina display. It is very refreshing. How so? Well, let’s say if you compare other watches to lakes, then the KOSPET Prime is like the sea.

The World’s First Smartwatch with Face ID

With more and more functions on smartwatches, privacy has to be considered. The KOSPET Prime is the world’s first smartwatch with Face ID. Its algorithm can intelligently collect 1,068 facial details, and face recognition is both accurate and fast. Based on my own experience, the KOSPET Prime can be unlocked just by lifting your hand towards your face, making it both fast and convenient. It can also better protect your privacy and security.

No matter you’re bathing or charging KOSPET Prime (not by its side), you won’t be afraid that others might violate your privacy by looking at your smartwatch.

The World’s First All-in-one Dual Camera

The KOSPET Prime also adopts a unique configuration, i.e., an all-in-one 5 MP dual camera. Two cameras are positioned in a small raised part on the case. The raised part is only 4 mm high and looks like a button, perfectly combining both practicability and visual aesthetics.

I have to say it’s fantastic. Some people may think that dual cameras on sports watches are useless. But when you’re exercising, and you want to talk to your family and friends via video, or capture a fleeting moment, the dual camera of KOSPET Prime is the best choice.

Multiple Sports Modes and Comprehensive Health Management

If you still think that the sports function of smartwatches is limited to running, you’re wrong. The improvement of living standards means that people now have higher demands on health and sports. Comprehensive sports performance is the main selling point of KOSPET watches.

As a new generation of sports management expert, the KOSPET Prime supports nine sports modes, including indoor/outdoor walking (running), outdoor cycling, basketball, football, and so on, therefore providing a scientific sports experience for a variety of users.

The KOSPET Prime is also equipped with a newly optimized GPS chip that features low power consumption and supports three satellite systems. It not only searches for signals faster, locates more accurately, but it also ensures the restoration of real trajectories.

Whether you’re walking in the city or hiking in the suburbs, it can pinpoint your exact location. In other words, it can find you anywhere on Earth. Sports is painful and tedious, but also one has to do it scientifically. Using the wrong posture or force, you might easily harm yourself. With the professional motion monitoring offered by KOSPET Prime, you can clearly see your performance, correct bad postures according to the suggestions provided, and improve the effect.

In The End

I haven’t used a smartwatch before. However, KOSPET Prime is both strange and familiar to me. Speaking of strangeness, I mean, I need a while to adjust to the new interface and operation. In terms of familiarity, it is practical to use, with the “large screen,” dual camera, and it allows you to make phone calls and even video calls. Are you attracted to the smartwatch after reading the article?

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