LaserPecker L1

LaserPecker L1

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  • 1: APP control
  • 2: Overheat protection
  • 3: Password lock
  • 4: Eye protection cover
  • 5: Internal 8GB storage

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LaserPecker L1 Mini Handheld Laser Engraving Machine DIY 1600mW

I pay attention to the product of LaserPecker for a period of time, under the recommendation of friends finally started, now use for five months, overall LaserPecker L1 laser engraving machine and everyone commented on the same good, really do not regret the original choice, a little angrily, just bought a short time ago to reduce the price! Now the price than I before the price is really very different, the quality is unspeakable! So I recommend you do it quickly! Don’t leave any regrets!

6.5 cm by 6.1 cm for 5.3 cm thick and 190 grams. The LaserPecker L1 can hold at the bottom of a bag and follow you anywhere. Unlike the usual laser engravers which require a certain space to operate, this model is of exemplary compactness.

The big difference between the LaserPecker L1 and a conventional burner is the way they work. Instead of moving the body of a laser so that its ray always remains perpendicular to the surface to be engraved, this model moves the laser beam to engrave what it is ordered. Obviously, this has an impact on the surface it can engrave. Theoretically, an engraver mounted on a rail is capable of engraving an area as large as its rail allows and this can therefore be enormous. This system limits the engraving surface to 10 cm by 10. It is easy to imagine that beyond a too large size the positioning of the laser would lose precision.

The LaserPecker L1 is delivered with a conventional tripod to deploy to position itself at a distance of 18 to 20 cm from the surface to be engraved. From there, you will have to give the engraving order to the machine via a smartphone and the dedicated Bluetooth application. This is the other constraint of this system, it is necessary to control it via a smartphone or a tablet and we will not therefore choose the software of our choice. It will probably be necessary to work on the elements to be engraved on a PC before integrating them on your smartphone to print them. This also has advantages since it avoids monopolizing a PC for the task and can allow an always mobile use. The delivered application will control the engraving by doing all the work of preparing the image. No special skills are needed.

Note that the machine has 8 GB of memory to store images internally. You will be able to mark objects by selecting an image from the designs already known by the device. What can be practical to sign a job in a durable way in mobility.

The 1.6 watt engraving will be light, it is controlled by an OSRAM module with a lifespan of 10,000 hours. The idea is to mark objects: paper, wood, cardboard, leather … The Laser is a classic 450 nm with blue light and as usual it will be necessary to take care to protect oneself effectively during the use of this machine : protective glasses are provided and remain mandatory. You should not forget to protect yourself from any fumes and vapors escaping during the burning of the materials.

The LaserPecker L1 offers protection against misuse with a password system which will have to be repeated before each engraving. To prevent the device from being positioned incorrectly and turned on inadvertently or simply discovered and turned on by someone who does not know how to use it. The small footprint of the device allows you to imagine quite easily a protection system for an entire assembly completely obscuring the small device.

Also note that the object protects against overheating. If the temperature is too high, the device will pause before resuming engraving a little later.

Many craftsmen and professionals contacted me following the presentation of the Alfawise C30 laser engraver. The idea for them is to be able to mark products directly for customers. But, due to lack of space, not necessarily having a computer to dedicate to this activity, many were reluctant to invest. With this type of solution, it will be possible to sign a piece of furniture once assembled. To give a serial number to a device or to personalize craft work with the first name of a person for example. This without having to carry around too much extra material. The power supply by USB type-C in 5 volts 2000 mAh makes it possible to use multiple sources of current like… a simple external battery.


Product Details

Features Weighs only 190g, lighter than the phone, only half a cola can size, compact and portable to carry.
APP control, get rid of computers and data cables, easy to operate, DIY anytime and anywhere, enjoys the common moment, let more inspiration come into reality, add beauty to life.
High-quality laser head from the original Osram, Germany. 450nm blue laser source with a service life of over 10000 hours.
Independently developed slicer software, internal 8GB storage, no need for extra micro SD card or USB flash disk.
Mobile monitoring with sensitive G-sensor, accidental movement during operation, will be suspended immediately.
Overheat protection, if the heat dissipation is insufficient during operation, the internal temperature is close to the destructive threshold, and the protection will be automatically suspended.
Password lock, you need to enter a password every time you run the money, only allow the authorized person to use.
Eye protection cover, protect your eyes from blue light, your safety is always our first concern.
Specification Brand: LaserPecker
Model: L1
Type: Laser engraving machine
Material: Metal
Laser Power: 1600mw
Laser Reaching Range: 450nm
Power By: Input AC 100-240v 50/60 Hz 0.6A Output 5.0V 2000mA


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